This morning Cannoneer sent me this link about Photographer’s Mate Airman Jonathan W. Hutto of the USS Theodore Roosevelt .  How could anyone do such a thing? Both Cannoneer and I are military brats, I am also a military wife and mother.    On my side of the family just about every male has been in the military all the way back to the Civil War (East Tennessee Yankees, what’s a poor southern girl to do) .  On Cannoneer’s side his family has been fighting wars all the way back to the Revolution.  So we have a good idea why people join the military,  God and Country, for freedom,  because it’s the best job you can get with an 8th grade education, because it’s the only legal way to blow up stuff.  The reasons are as varied as the individuals who join.  I have never in my life heard of anyone joining the military so they can have credibility to spread lies and hatred of our country!  I am so amazed that anyone would do such a thing.   This man who was NEVER in Iraq or Afghanistan.  He was in the Persian Gulf on an aircraft carrier.   He may have had a liberty in Dubai, I guess that counts, it is in the Middle East.   He has the MSM and the “weird” non-profits with him, so he has money and a forum to spread his baloney.  We all  have to work hard to fight those who would do and say things that aren’t true about the world around us.  For there are people out there who are not as savvy as some or not as proficient at the computer, who just watch the network news and believe their party line.   I’m worried that those people who can’t or don’t look further in to a story are going to believe that crap he and the MSM are spreading.   There are lives at stake, the lives of our troops and civilan contractors, the lives of the millions of people in Iraq and Afghanistan who are also fighting for freedom and a better way of life.  It seems to me that the MSM and the “weird” non-profits enjoy the deaths and suffering of all these people.  But that’s another blog!  So it’s up to us, the people who will look for the truth and report what they find to help the world become a better place.   It’s our little way of helping our country win the WOT!   —  Cannonette

Cannoneer No. 4 sez:  Check Greyhawk’s Stolen Valor Update.  And don’t miss Appeal for Redress: Astroturfing.  And read the comments on Tip of the Iceberg .


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