The story of America’s victory over terror in Mesopotamia needs to be told.

Memorial Day: The War in Iraq

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Getting Too Hard To Blog Out Here

Baba Tim thinks so, too.
CIIDG will eventually come up again. Eventually.

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Comments Are Closed

You can still email or tweet @cannoneerno4. Sorry. No longer have the leisure time available to deal with the spam.

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Blogging Will Be Light . . .

. . . to nonexistant for awhile. Sorry. Other priorities. Check the archives for an idea of where I am. I’m there again. My apologies for all the spam in the comments. Haven’t had opportunity to clean it up.

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Stealth Black Hawk down: revised sketch (via David Cenciotti’s weblog)

SEALs don’t fly these, they ride in them. Blowing it in place rather than attempting to recover it seemed odd to me when they were telling me it was a Blackhawk.

Stealth Black Hawk down: revised sketch Here's the new version of the famous Black Helo which crashed during the Osama Bin Laden raid.  I've studied the details that surfaced in the last few hours and after reviewing the many feedbacks I've received (with suggestions, speculations, etc) Ugo Crisponi of Aviation Graphic has created another (more realistic) version of the helicopter. Thanks to all those who left comments to the yesterday's article. … Read More

via David Cenciotti's weblog

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Where is the strategic communication plan?

2011-05-04 09:04:17
This group would screw-up a wet dream (pun intended).

Where is the strategic communication plan?

No picture, no thorough read-through before the presser. This from the most brilliant man to ever hold the office, who assembled the most brilliant team of adults -that would reset our relationship with the world.

By the end of this week, bin Laden will be on the grassy knoll with Adolf, Elvis, and Michael Jackson in a UFO built by the Koch Bros financed by money from the Templars en route to a meeting of the Council on Foreign Relations after first stopping at the Cremation of Care ceremony run by the Bohemian Grove and doing the bidding of the Illuminati and Howard Hughes’ love child GWB.

I have the utmost respect for Naval Special Warfare and the personal integrity of their operators. If one of them tells me they got bin Laden, I’ll take his word for it. From most others, doveryai, no proveryai (Доверяй, но проверяй).


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