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What’s WRONG with these people?

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been here in my comfy home enjoying the freedoms we all take for granted. Cable TV, pizza on demand, high speed Internet, I could go on and on.  Just fill in your favorites things.  Those are not my favorites; just a few I have been observing of my daughter and her buds. 

While watching these young adults enjoy life and the American way, I have been watching the news. I’m so angery! My boys are all in some way fighting the war on terror. So I have a vested interest on how this war come out.  WE ALL DO!

Just today the judge in Saddam Hussein’s genocide case decided Saddam was not a dictator, just all the people who worked around him were very mean and nasty people and it’s not his fault that these people were mean or nasty (Who the Hell hired the Mean and Nasty?).  The other night Alan Colmes of on Hannity and Colmes said that he believed that president  Ahmadinejad of Iran (the same guy who wants to wipe Israel off the map, and denies that the Holocaust happened) was more trustworthy than our President Bush.  These are just the ones from the last couple of days. 

Does the MSM not realise that if we lose the WOT, we lose forever? That means no more free press, they will no longer be able to tell the “truth”, (something very few have ever done) they will have to tell the sharia truth. And the women of the MSM, gone, killed? imprisoned? Raped until they confess? All kinds of lovely things.

I’m am so pissed off that if we don’t get our collective BUTTS in gear and get people to open up their eyes and see what is being fed to them by these  enemy agents  of the MSM and recognize it for the hostile psychological operation that it is,  our world as we enjoy it now, will be gone. 

What can we do?  We the unwashed horde of the hinterland.  Speak up!  We are the people!   If we can get one person a day, a week or a month to wake up and see that the world is not as the MSM portrays it.  We will have started on the track to taking back our world.  We will be telling the MSM and the Islamic Fascists that we are strong, smart and a force to be reckoned with.  If we want our world to free from the evil that is all around us, it’s our responcablity to try to change how the MSM works.



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MSM: Terrorists’ Best Friend

A few very kind people have been encouraging me to continue to Blog.  Thank you everyone, for all the kind compliments. Some people believe that I have a unique outlook  (see my first post One Womans View) on the events we are all living through right now.  I would like to add a disclaimer to my future blogs, I have dyslexia, epilepsy and I’m blonde.  So PLEASE forgive my spelling and grammar errors.  So you have been warned that I ramble; can’t spell my way out of a wet paper bag;and I have blonde moments. 

Long ago in the 1930’s, 40’s and some in the 50’s, my grandparent’s generation were educated well enough that they could go to work at a newspaper as the “Cub” reporter.  They had every expectation of doing well and rising within the company.  Not today!  If you didn’t attend a prestigious university or private college, the MSM will not even give you the time of day. At one time a news reporter was one of us.  They were middle class and had the same hopes and dreams as the rest of America.   Today they are treated like rock stars or movie stars; (I don’t get this) but I’ve seen it happen; their opinion is accepted over someone else’s who has 1st hand knowledge of the situation. It blows my mind completely that any one would even give this person the time of day, let alone take their word as gospel.  MSM is an elitist club that only a handful are allowed to join.  They are put on pedestals by other elitists and allowed to spew trash and lies to benefit there own agendas.  The agenda seems to be Pulitzer Prizes, book deals and talk show host gigs.  The truth, government secrets, people’s privacy be damned! Sell more papers, magazines and air time on TV to scare, incite or anger those who do not have the time or inclination to research what they’ve just heard or read.   

I believe that the MSM is a terrorist’s best friend! While Israel is fighting for their very existence, some in MSM are spewing that Israel had no right to defend itself, protect their citizens from rockets and bombs, or fight for their people who were kidnapped or killed. These people think that the terrorists are the good guys!?!?  I’m proud of the Israeli people for standing up to the terrorists.  It takes guts and fortitude to tell the world that you’re “Mad as hell and your not going to take it anymore.”

I hope if, and/or when we are attacked again that we have the same backbone as Israel to finally wipe the terrorists off the map.

Thank you to everyone praying for my family!  All my boys are safe for now.  Cannoneer No. 4 is very busy in the sand box. He too has been telling me to Blog.  Thanks again to everyone who was kind enough to let me know “I ain’t that bad ” at this stuff.

God Bless America and Israel.



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Trouble in River City

When somebody gets killed in Anbar Province, the Marines make sure that the next of kin hear about it from official sources.  They institute a communications black out known as River City, which cuts off the SPAWAR and AT&T telephones and internet access.  That, and numerous other reasons, (or excuses, if you’d rather), have resulted in a much reduced output of content on this blog.

I started this blog last April with a mission .  I wanted to provide a forum for interested citizen volunteers to explore ways in which the blogosphere and free speech could be used to help the official Information Operations and Public Affairs establishments in countering psychological operations conducted against the American people by terrorist organizations and their sympathizers in the Western media.  I felt then and still feel that the good guys need help with this, and that free Americans citizens exercising their First Amendment rights, not subject to retribution by political masters,  not worried about being called before Congressional committees, unconcerned about promotions being blocked by vengeful politicians in and out of uniform, and unconstrained by political correctness could do for the good guys what the good guys are not allowed to do for themselves.

I am no longer in a position to provide much of a contribution towards that endeavor.  My spare time, internet access, and mental energy are not up to the task of providing content for a readership.  I didn’t come out here to be a blogger.  My readership is so small now that I have remained under the radar,  and that is the best place for me to be right now.  Nobody has told me I couldn’t blog,  but the demands of OPSEC and my own desire for anonymity out here leave me with few innocuous subjects to blog about.  I myself am now subject to many of the same impediments this blog was created to get around.

I’m not going to pull the plug totally on this blog.  The muse may strike and I may write, or not.  The blogroll is still good.  I’d like to thank Starling David Hunter and Harold C. Hutchison  for providing me with the idea and inspiration to blog again.  This is my third attempt as a blogger and probably not my last.  I’ll be in between contracts again some day.  To all the milbloggers blogging from theater,  keep up the good work. 

I’d like to express my appreciation to all who have commented on this blog, and appeal to any readers who may wish to post original content on media bias, milblogging, the Jihadi War, public affairs and information operations, or any other topic that fits here, to contact the lovely and talented Cannonette about posting here.

Check this blog a coupla times a month.  You might find something you like.


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Sunday Dinner in a DFAC in Iraq

The main chow hall at TQ is the biggest building here, bigger even than aircraft hangars.  It is the land mark I use for navigation on my journeys around this place.  What makes this building so distinctive is the mortar roof.  The mortar roof catches and detonates and absorbs the blast of any mortar rounds that might hit the DFAC so that the diners don’t have to.  Mortar attacks apparently are not an uncommon occurrence here, but the whole place is Hescoed and T-walled and unless you are the poor dumb bastard walking underneath mortar rounds you’ll be OK.  No rockets lately.  I’d rather be rocketed than mortared.  Getting hurt by a rocket is just plain bad luck.  Somebody aims mortars.  Indirect fire is about all us Fobbits have to worry about, unless a suicide bomber gets in.  But here on Tattooine we have everything under control.  Outside the wire the Jawas can get you.

So anyway, I’m sitting in the chow hall finishing my meal and wondering what to blog about and watching the multitude of humanity getting food, eating it, and leaving, and I thinks to me self:  “Self,” says I, “why don’t you blog about the DFAC?”  So here are some observations and ruminations, in no particular order:

Marines have issues with hair.  Not all, but the ones with the Gumby haircuts.  White sidewalls up to the top of the head, then a patch of inch long black Bermuda grass growing out of their scalp.  Who told them that looked cool? 

Where are all the blonde Marine chicks?  Miss Clairol doesn’t work for them? 

If an ass looks good in desert digital cammies, it must be a nice ass.

The DCU is dying out.  The Air Force still wears them until they can start issuing their new tiger stripe clown suit. Some sailors still wear DCU’s.  Most around here wear the desert digital cammies.  Sailors wear funny silver badges pinned to their chests. 

Still a few soldiers at ex-FOB Ridgeway (the Marines had to rename this place), nearly all in ACU’s, so this DFAC presents a multi-uniformed appearence to go with the diversity in the civilian work force.  More on that in another post.  I have overstayed my time limit on this MWR computer, and will have to leave and come back another time.


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This thing will wear your ass OUT!

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Oh Well!

I called the FBI as one of my comments had suggested ( Michael, Thank you! It was very kind of you to care about what is going on.) I felt like I was getting a pat on the head.  That’s how I felt when I reported what I saw in London last year to them.  So what’s a girl to do?

I’m not scared or terrorized by those silly boys!  I just felt like I was really bothering the FBI. I have not heard from the crazies since the 4th. So maybe I scared them off?

Cannoneer is now at his duty station.  He had to travel for 2 days to get there.  He’s trying to get his bearings.  He’s living in what he described as a “Can” it looks like a carrier that you see on the back of trains or trucks.  It has 2 bunks in it and that’s about it.  I hope he gets to live in it by himself, it sound kinda small to me!

Thank you to all those who are praying for him and our troops.  I truly appreciate your love and concern.



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What a 4th I’ve had!

As y’all know Cannoneer No. 4 is at Camp Victory.  He’s been calling me about 3 or 4 times a day to keep me up on the latest Goat Fornications.  Well today after our 1st call of the day,  4th of July morning for me, I received a phone call from some very strange sounding people, I’m guessing it was some wannabe terrorist.  There was a main voice (male)sounding like he was trying to speak very bad French Arab mix, the only thing I could understand was the word American, and (sorry! I’m not sure if I’m spelling these words right) Shim Allah. There were voices in the back ground, sounded like 3 or 4 other people there, all male voices. Well these Dip Wads called me a total of 7 times.  And basically saying the same thing over and over.

On the last phone call from these lovely people, I finally spoke English to them, (I spoke French, German, Italian and pig Latin during the other phone calls) I asked them to hold on please, the Air Force was trying to get a triangulation on them so they could bomb them! The silly boys just hung up on me.  How very rude!

If they call again I’m going to record their voices (my daughter taught me how to do that on our cell phones) and I guess I should contact the FBI or someone, I’m not really sure who to contact.  During the bombing in London last year I gave a statement to the FBI but I haven’t heard anything since.  I really don’t know who to contact.  I’ll have to look into it!

These people have no idea who they’re messing with, I’ve had to deal with General’s and Colonel’s wives who thought they wore the rank.  These people are pikers in comparison. I’m a strong American woman who was raised in the military.  These boys don’t know who there messing with!


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