Logistics: The Rise Of The Russian Connection

Logistics: The Rise Of The Russian Connection.


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2 responses to “Logistics: The Rise Of The Russian Connection

  1. Good article. It’s also interesting to note that there have been 13 Russian contractors that have been killed in Afghanistan.
    What I really like though, is cutting out Pakistan for logistics. It just kills me that we are dependent on that country, and yet they harbor OBL and the Talibunnies. Perhaps if we can bypass Pakistan logistically, we could apply some real pressure to get things done there?

    • Logistics and the lack of it has always been the great limiting factor in what we can actually do in Afghanistan. Afghanistan has no nice neighbors America can make deals with and not get screwed. Ending reliance upon Pakistan cuts our losses on the Karachi-Khyber-Kabul and Karachi-Chaman-Kandahar Lines Of Communication but exposes us to new and as yet unknown losses on the alternative routes. Russia is not our friend and Putin is not a Good Guy.

      I think we need to start doing more with less, and requiring more out of the Host Nation.