Patriot Hacker The Jester’s Libyan Psyops Campaign

It appears as if the patriot hacker known as The Jester (th3j35t3r) may have embarked on his own psyops campaign aimed at breaking the spirit of the troops loyal to Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi.

Having conducted several interviews with the hacktivist, and spent dozens of hours in IM chats, I would venture to say that his motivation probably stems from his patriotism and oft expressed concern for the lives of European and American military personnel who may be in put harm’s way if the conflict in Libya persists.

Based on the contents of the planted articles, it seems the operation is intended to simply erode the morale of the Gaddafi loyalists and inspire some to either desert their posts or defect and join the opposition.

th3j35st3r is the proof of concept of the Civilian Irregular Information Operator.



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4 responses to “Patriot Hacker The Jester’s Libyan Psyops Campaign

  1. Th3j35t3r is an interesting dude (assuming a dude, of course!) I have watched him from afar and admired his work – although typically I disapprove of hackers. He certainly seems to have a moral compass, taking down only those who are detrimental to the safety and security US and our allies. And I’ll admit I cheered a bit when he took down the Phelps freaks. So long as he stays faithful to the US, I tip my hat and wish him well. 🙂

  2. OH – and BTW – I like your new look!

    • Glad you like it.

      I was vaguely aware that the jester was messing with jihadis last year, but didn’t pay close attention until he took on Anonymous. Don’t really understand how Xerxes works, but I’m glad he does.

      Who is th3j35t3r?

  3. Grimmy

    This is pretty awesome. Gotta love the self motivators. That is sooo old school American.

    BTW, the new look is good.