Anonymous are not at all what people think they are

HBGary’s Hoglund sheds light on Anonymous

There aren’t very many, first of all. There are not thousands, they are not a legion. That is all just stuff they say to make people fearful or intimidate. They have a whole propaganda wing. So lets get this straight: A lot of the people in Anonymous are pseudo-journalists, they write the news. They completely use the media as a tool.

There are a dozen people at the center of Anonymous. Most of those people are criminal hackers. And they are not just attacking HBGary, they are attacking numerous defense contractors who are in the defense industrial base and system integrators for the government. They are attacking numerous companies in the pharmaceutical space and the chemical space. They are attacking U.S. corporations.

They are singling out individuals within the defense establishment. We are talking about stuff where they are targeting people who are part of the Department of Defense or the intelligence community. Literally, they are putting all their personal information into planning documents — they are targeting these people. They are going after people’s family and children. They actually have all the family members listed. And they call them up on the phone. They harass them. There have been cases where death threats have been left. It’s just ridiculous, and it’s completely unacceptable. I had no idea about any of this before I was attacked.


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