Why False Enemy Propaganda Matters

The Jawa Report: Why False Enemy Propaganda Matters: German Jihadi Motivated by Fake US Soldier Rape Video.

. . . we cannot let such enemy propaganda go unchecked. It affects people. It kills people.

Propagandists with pens are sometimes just as dangerous as those with guns. Especially when the false ideas they sell reinforce a narrative where Americans are the lascivious bad guys and the Taliban and other Islamist groups are simply defending the virtue of Muslim women from them.

We have got to do better at fighting the propaganda produced by the enemy. Which is why I support YouTube smackdown. But we need to do more. We need to organize. And not simply at the individual private level. Fighting enemy propaganda needs to be higher on the priority list of both the CIA and the DOD.

And if the government won’t do this we need to change the government. In the meantime it’s up to you and me to fight the good fight. So, if you see stupid enemy propaganda fight it tooth and nail. It not only makes us look bad, but it also kills.

What arm of the Federal .gov octopus is supposed to be fighting enemy propaganda?

Now you know why America needs Civilian Irregular Information Defense Groups.



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3 responses to “Why False Enemy Propaganda Matters

  1. JB

    Unfortunatley we are horrible are fighting propaganda. You are correct in that this should be a higher priority and even those agnecies personnel (low level of course) that monitor this are frustrated with the lack of response.

  2. Some of us are real good at propaganda. That’s what salesmanship, advertising and public relations boils down to. Counterpropaganda is very much like talking down your competitor’s product, but in business you can’t usually employ Restrictive Measures.

    Politics, Political Correctness, Lawfare, Free Speech, Bureaucratic Inertia and CYA all conspire against effective counterpropaganda.