My Take On Pakistan’s Violation of Diplomatic Immunity

@cannoneerno4 sigh I agree, would like to see Ur take on it, Blog? G

The most obvious dependency is Afghanistan. An entire fighting force is in a landlocked theater, dependent on Pakistan for access to the sea. This gives Pakistan enormous leverage over Obama. Moreover, Obama, in betting on Afghanistan, has staked his political credibility on something the Pakistanis can deep-six. For both military and political reasons, the Pakistanis have Washington over a barrel.

So this is going to be a blog post, requested by another blogger, on Twitter, in response to a tweet I put out copying a comment by Richard Fernandez, another blogger, on his own blog.

My take is that Mr. Ten Percent’s suit and sack are not quite as empty as Obama’s. The Pakis would not have had the audacity to jerk President Bush’s chain in such a way. Obama has been measured and found wanting in all the attributes that keep Axis of Evil type’s heads down.

America went to war in Afghanistan to avenge 9-11. Shooting camels with cruise missiles wasn’t going to cut it. Boots on the ground had to go in and kick ass and take names until America’s thirst for Muslim blood was slaked, lest comparatively “innocent” Muslims in America be persecuted by vigilantes.

The deal made with Musharraf back in 2001 was “give us overflight, a SPOD at Karachi, and an MSR and we’ll give you billions of dollars worth of bribes, plus F-16′s with which to threaten the Indians. We’ll let you play us like rubes as long as you keep the LOC open. Alternatively, we could just nuke you back to the Stone Age.” Musharaff took that deal.

I have the sneaking suspicion that the Uzbek dictator Karimov played us like a bass drum when he offered us the Karshi Khanabad Air Base. We would never have done what we did in Afghanistan in 2001 without K2, and getting kicked out of there in 2005 should have been a war stopper, but F-102 pilots CAN DO and nobody else in the chain of command would say “Whoa, Boss, Can’t Do” so we endeavored to persevere with an economy of force side show on a shoe string at the end of a very long and insecure line of communications while the main effort went to Mesopotamia.

Then the main event sputtered to an unsatisfying conclusion that might be victory, the American people in their infinite wisdom replaced their CAN DO Commander-in-Chief with a WE’RE SORRY C-in-C, and the main event now became a land war in Asia.

The way things are going now it is hard to see a happy ending for OEF.
If we can stave off disaster until our regime can be changed everything might turn out all right in the end. Won’t know for sure we won in Afghanistan until we check the number of Afghan nail salons in our strip malls in 2046.

Dr Brydon, Last Survivor of the Kabul Garrison, Arrives at Jellalabad



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3 responses to “My Take On Pakistan’s Violation of Diplomatic Immunity

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  2. Thanks, I agree, I don’t think any one fears Obama, not even the GOP.
    Paki’s are outing themselves in regards to terrorism,and the law of unintended consequences is about to bite them in the ass. They brought a knife to a gun fight and are still using walkmans.
    US is playing nicee nice trying to soothe things over, have to hang on till the
    “Egypt” paradigm hits Paki.
    Wonder if ISI has a good retirement plan, probably just accumulated bribes. ME is moving to fast possibility of burning out its demographic in America, run on revolts. US has been doing a good job in these new uncharted demonstration waters, keeping out of it, and just responding to
    emergency’s of the Ummah. Any calls about American intervention for the Oil will fall on dead ears, just lies.
    We will try and help Paki burn themselves, there is a Nationalistic movement in Paki fed by the ISI and Taliban.
    Taliban using ISI taking American Diplos/CIA to
    slow drone attacks in N Waziristan, the Taliban sanctuary.
    Washington DC getting fed up with Paki double dealing,
    Paki is walking a fine line.
    We are waiting for a “Green Light” or click our website button above.

    Got the popcorn out and watching the show.
    Waitin on the Green.

    Davis, American, CIA, Diplomat, HERO.

    War Anthropologist

  3. We will try and help Paki burn themselves, there is a Nationalistic movement in Paki fed by the ISI and Taliban…We are just waiting for green light..