Had Enough Yet?

The Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration cause more Americans to question the competence and legitimacy of their government’s antiterrorism functionaries than any successful terrorist kinetic operation ever has.

After nine years, pretty much all the frogs have begun to notice that the water in their pot is too damn hot, but few can now muster the energy to hop out, let alone turn the stove off and fire the cook.

DEFENSE of the Continental United States used to be a military mission.  The United States Air Force failed on 9/11 to defend New York City and the Pentagon from attack by enemy aircraft.   The Unorganized Militia of  Flight 93 succeeded in defending The Whitehouse that day, a Pyrhhic victory with 100% casualties to attackers, defenders and everyone on board.  The American people, their elected representatives, and the chain of command  failed to correctly interpret those events,  failed to hold those most responsible for failure accountable, and worst of  all failed to learn the lessons Al Qaeda taught that day. 

 All those cumulative failures bring us to where we are today.   And too many of the over-heated frogs  still think our Federalized, professionalized airport security force is only doing what is best for us.

Thanks to Boquisucio, Denizen of Castle Argghhh!, for the graphic.



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4 responses to “Had Enough Yet?

  1. Paul Carrillo

    Security is security, when it comes to safety any reasonable human being can understand that! but not when it comes 2 children, thats ahh discusting, those secutiry guards look way too eager!

  2. LFMayor

    In answer to your question Cannoneer, I’d say no, not enough yet. Some people avoided air travel, but the majority that didn’t avoided the Scanner Opt-Out protest. I was having high hopes that the protest would cause huge snarls and bring even more negative publicity, but convienience trumped morals, again. Now I’m back to thinking that as long as the grocery stores are stocked and “Dancing with Your Lovely Betters” is on, the majority won’t be moved to action.

  3. Yeah, the flock has more ewes and wethers and fewer rams in it than I had hoped for.

    TSA thinks they are sheep dogs, and apparently most of the sheeple think so too.