Daykundi Jezailchis to the Rescue

Afghan civilians fight off Taliban in Daykundi province – again

The 10 ANP manning the checkpoint in Kajran came under heavy small-arms and 82mm rocket fire just after noon and called for support. Approximately 250 residents gathered with personal AK-47s and, along with ANP reinforcements and ISAF aircraft, forced the Taliban to retreat.

Afghan Civilians Help Police Repel Taliban Attack

About 250 civilians gathered with personal assault rifles and, along with police reinforcements and International Security Assistance Force aircraft, forced the Taliban fighters to retreat.



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2 responses to “Daykundi Jezailchis to the Rescue

  1. Cool. Glad to see them sticking it to the Taliban.

  2. 250 instant irregular light infantry mobilized from locals already on or near the battlefield beats Focused Districtly Developed ANP many miles and hours away.