What civilian and/or paramilitary organizations can The State of Arizona call upon to defend its southern border?

See FeralJundi’s Strategy: The Defense Of Farms And Ranches

Arizona Forces

Arizona Department of Public Safety Illegal Immigration Prevention Apprehension Co-op Team

Arizona Rangers

Arizona State Guard

Arizona Unorganized Militia 

County Forces:

Cochise County Sheriff’s Assist Team

Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Community Service Volunteers

Pima County Sheriff’s Department Auxiliary Volunteers

Yuma County Sheriff’s Posse


Private Forces:

Arizona Cattlemen’s Association

Private Security Companies


UPDATE 20100504

Cafepress, via Iowa Presidential Watch, by way of iOwnTheWorld.com and Moonbattery, as tweeted by mikepfs

UPDATE 20100508: Cochise county militia ready to monitor border H/T The Freedomist .



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8 responses to “What civilian and/or paramilitary organizations can The State of Arizona call upon to defend its southern border?

  1. Very cool collection of stuff. I checked out the ACA site and they have a reward fund for information leading to the arrest of the killer of Krentz. DOJ is adding to the fund as well, but I have no idea how big the bounty is. Their ROB Security Plan is interesting as well. They call for FOB’s being built every 12 miles of the border. I like that.

    On another note, this latest shooting at the border is interesting to me, because it was a scenario where one officer was ‘tracking’ a group of illegal immigrant/drug smugglers, and they did a standard ambush on the officer. They used AK’s and the officer was wounded. The reason why I thought it was interesting, is it highlights how important combat tracking skills are, and how important it is is to have an immediate action drill that is more military than law enforcement on the border.

  2. http://www.defense.gov/news/d20100511ngr.pdf

    Reserve Components
    NOBLE EAGLE / ENDURING FREEDOM / IRAQI FREEDOM Activations as of: May 11, 2010

    AZ TOTAL 1,640 (AZARNG + USAR)

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  4. michael

    who cant they call? this really is a joke, how a problem like this is under looked at by the mainstream news. is this really america? what happened to us. can you believe we are being invaded..literally. there is a ridiculous amount of illegals, drugs, and blood on our soil because of this, when will this be fixed..

    • They can’t call the Feds and get any answer.

      It’s no joke. The MSM does not want The People inflamed, energized and mobilized over illegal immigration and territorial integrity, so they squelch the stories.

      What happened to us is what Glenn Beck talks about every afternoon.

      This probably will not be fixed.