Who Was Nasir Paray?

According to Dexter Filkins, he was the commander of one of the many pro-government armed groups in the Gardez area.

According to Rohullah Samon, a spokesman for the governor of Paktia province, the attack happened at 4:30pm outside a branch of the Kabul Bank when the suicide bomber approached on foot.  “The head of a security company… was moving with his convoy when he was attacked by a suicide bomber wearing a suicide vest,”

According to KEYC Channel 12 Mankato, the security teams that were attacked are joint civilian-military units that secure and develop areas of Afghanistan.

According to AP’s reporting of what Paktia Deputy Gov. Abdul Rahman Mangal said, seven people were killed, including the commander of Afghan security guards at a base for a provincial reconstruction team in Logar province.

Is there more than one PRT in Logar? 

Do they have any bases other than Shank?

Does this blog have any readers at FOB Shank who can confirm or deny that their ASG commander was killed in Gardez?

If Nasir Paray was the commander of one of the many pro-government armed groups in the Gardez area, which one was it?  Do they have a name?

If Nasir Paray was the head of a security company, which security company?

If Nasir Paray was the ASG commander at Shank, what was he doing in a convoy in front of the Gardez branch of the Bank of Kabul on a Thursday afternoon?

And what had he done that so annoyed the Taliban that they expended a PBIED and much good will to take him out?



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2 responses to “Who Was Nasir Paray?

  1. All good questions. Another might be “Why don’t they realize that suicide is, in their own book, a thing which damns the doers soul?”. You don’t kill yourself, but if you die in combat you’re blessed. Killing yourself to instill fear is NOT honorable combat. That’s not a jihad battle.

    • Dying a martyr is the only sure path to Paradise for the faithful. Afghans didn’t use to go for this shit. They learned it from Arabs in Saudi-financed madrassas in Pakistan.