The outhouse has become a cesspit

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From Walter Russell Mead:

Jacksonians are instinctively democratic and populist. Hamiltonians mistrust democracy; Wilsonians don’t approve of the political rough and tumble. And while Jeffersonians support democracy in principle, they remain concerned that tyrannical majorities can overrule minority rights. Jacksonians believe that the political and moral instincts of the American people are sound and can be trusted, and that the simpler and more direct the process of government is, the better will be the results. In general, while the other schools welcome the representative character of our democracy, Jacksonians tend to see representative rather than direct institutions as necessary evils, and to believe that governments breed corruption and inefficiency the way picnics breed ants. Every administration will be corrupt; every Congress and legislature will be, to some extent, the plaything of lobbyists. Career politicians are inherently untrustworthy; if it spends its life buzzing around the outhouse, it’s probably a fly. Jacksonians see corruption as human nature and, within certain ill-defined boundaries of reason and moderation, an inevitable by-product of government.

The outhouse has become a cesspit and now threatens to seep into the basement and take the house with it. You can’t sleep but for the flies and it is well past time to cover up that old pit, back fill it, shore up the foundations of the house and get out the bug spray.

A Tea Party will not be built solely on getting the disaffected from the current two parties, it must reach out into the Independent voting block that is now made up of those who have walked away from both parties and will not adhere to either as they are the parties of flies. Indeed registering disaffected voting age Americans who have let their voting lapse into non-voting is the essential route to take to shift the balance in the US. Those who have been beaten down by ‘bi-partisanship’ and ‘third ways’ and ‘across the aisle agreements’ now see that the flies are equal on both sides of the aisle and that both sides want a larger cess pit, it is just a question of rate of expansion not of doing the deed.

That is the greatest power in America – individuals realizing their liberty and freedom are at stake and exercising their franchise right to choose whoever they want who represents THEM and not a PARTY. Those fundamentals of continually securing the number one greatest freedom, which is the freedom FROM government is one that must be continually repeated, refreshed and renewed. Elected members are not there to ‘help’ this or that segment of the population at the expense of everyone, but to allow individuals to lead the freest life so that liberty can be best used to secure one’s own place in the world and, from that, create a stronger society and a stronger Nation.

The old two party rhetoric now blurs into a zero party State which is ruled by elites who want nothing more than to rule, not govern. Do not accept their either/or solutions when liberty and freedom demonstrate that there are a plethora of ways to do things and that is best left up to you, as an individual, not to any government from local to National. And it is in the local areas that a Tea Party movement will have the most effect: local lawmaking, local regulations, local taxation, local graft, and the dismantling of local political machines.

It is your life, your home, your liberty and your Nation.

Don’t let others tell you what is right or wrong, or how much they will give you if only you will give up your liberty… your freedom… to them.

One man makes a majority.

And that is you.

No one else can do that for you.

Your life depends upon it.

ajacksonian on January 9, 2010 at 9:32 AM


Couldn’t have said it better myself.


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  1. clay barham

    Individual freedom, for 400 years, has proven far better than a few thousand years of tyranny, the rule of the few over the many. We have only to look at the Federal Government as an inept and corrupt center of organized crime to see how bad it will be to return to the Old World way. A new book, SAVE PEBBLE DROPPERS & PROSPERITY describes the libertarian ways that built America, on