The Unorganized Militia of Northwest Flight 253

There was a pop and then smoke wafted through the cabin. A passenger then climbed over several seats, lunged across the aisle and managed to subdue the suspect, the eyewitnesses said. The Nigerian man was placed in a headlock before being dragged up to the first class cabin. WSJ

Pandemonium ensued as crew members tried to douse the suspect with water.

Passenger Syed Jafry said that’s when a burly man jumped over several seats and tackled the blood-thirsty extremist.

“He took him under his arm and got hold of his neck and then other people helped him,” Jafry, who was sitting three rows behind the suspect, told Fox News. “He handled it very well.”

The heroic passenger was taken to the University of Michigan Medical Center and was still hospitalized Friday night. The extent of his injuries was not revealed. — NY Daily News

UPDATE: Meet the Northwest flight 253 hero

Hero 2009! Kaffir of the Moment! Infidel of the Year Award! Jasper Schuringa!

Al Qaeda: Nigerian Arrested In Failed Plane Attack, Hero Passenger Stops Him

The Unorganized Militia Once Again is Neededgeneral militia membership is a socially constructed state of mind and is one to be encouraged and honed rather than discouraged and ridiculed.


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5 responses to “The Unorganized Militia of Northwest Flight 253

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  2. Bravo to these guys. Now that is what I call jumping on a grenade! We will see if this passenger that jumped up and put this weed in a head lock, will get the accolades he and the passengers deserve for stopping him.

  3. It does make one feel good to hear about someone WITH a set that risks all to save others. Outstanding!

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    A well-regulated militia does not require a draft or any compulsory training. Nor, as Alexander Hamilton recognized, need training be universal.