Armored Steam Rollers Lead The Way

FILE0068 on Flickr Uploaded on December 16, 2007 by ChuckHolton

Marines Pounce Behind Taliban Lines With Ospreys and Armored Steamrollers


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7 responses to “Armored Steam Rollers Lead The Way

  1. Plan:

    1) 3-D Maneuver to kick the Ass of enemy formations and stronghold that dare to exists
    2) Deep Predator strikes based on Sigint and Humint
    3) Full Spectrum Influence Warfare to make Taliban/Al-Qada appear as: silly, weak, ridiculous, evil, non-islamic, tools of the Iranians, boy-lovers, goat-lovers, tools of the Chinese
    4) SysAdmin work to claan up the place and train the Afgan Army and Police

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  3. Good thing they waited until December. It’s too hot to shovel coal into a steam engine in Helmand most of the year.

  4. Hey, I have a question. Is that thing a robotic dozer, or is it manned? I would think it was robotic, much like what the Israelis are using, but I could be wrong.

  5. I would think they would armor it so the thing could survive long enough to finish the job. Or so they could just reuse it after a blast, because it was sufficiently protected. Who knows.