“There hasn’t been a single recruit for more than a month and a half,”

Looks like the Guardians of Wardak aren’t meeting expectations.

Allied exit strategy at risk as Afghan police run out of recruits

Recruits for the Afghan Public Protection Force are usually sent to Laghman to be trained by American Special Forces. “There hasn’t been a single recruit for more than a month and a half,” General Agha said. “More than a hundred people were rounded up and sent to the training centre, but the commander in charge told me they ran away. Iran opened the border [in the west] and they all thought it was better to go abroad.”

Those who do graduate are armed with AK47 assault rifles and most serve as “light infantry in counterinsurgency operations”, according to a critical report by the European Union.

Too bad.

Been tracking AP3 about 10 months now:

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Clicking on the above links will give you a good idea of what the Quiet Professionals have strategically communicated, or allowed to be strategically communicated unrebutted, about what used to be one of their core competencies.



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