Chicom Police Mentoring Team in RC North?

Strategy Page list this under Peacekeeping:

September 7, 2009: China has quietly been training Afghan police, in the area along the China/Afghan border (the Wakhan Corridor). This area has never been very violent, and escaped most of the fighting that has torn apart Afghanistan since the 1970s. But China refuses to open its border with Afghanistan, fearing complications with the mainly Moslem population on their side of the frontier.

While the Chinese training effort, which is fairly small, has been reported inside China, it has received little, or no, notice by the Western media.

That piqued my interest when I read it, so much that I commented over there:

Cannoneer No. 4 China has a Police Mentoring Team in Badakhshan? 9/7/2009 6:53:28 PM
Does Regional Police Advisory Command of Afghan Regional Security Integration Command – North know about this?

What kind of Afghan Police are being trained by the Chinese? Border Police? Counter Narcotics Police? Counter Terrorism Police? Copper mine security Auxiliary Police?

What kind of Chinese are training Afghan Police? People’s Liberation Army Special Operations Forces? Chinese Armed Police Commando Unit?

Why should China open a border crossing at 4,293 meters [14,084 feet] above sea level that is snowed under seven months of the year? Did the Chinese PMT enter Afghanistan at Wakhjir Pass?

Nobody answered any of my questions over there. Perhaps the readership over here knows something.

I don’t think China refuses to open its border with Afghanistan.  I think there is no there, there at the border crossing.  No town, no road, nothing.  I can’t even find a pic of a guard shack. According to Wikipedia,

There is no road across the pass. On the Afghan side the nearest road is a rough road to Sarhad-e Wakhan (also known as Sarhad-e Broghil), about 100 km [62 miles] from the pass by paths. On the Chinese side there is a jeep track about 15 km [9.3 miles] from the pass, which leads to the Karakoram Highway 80 km [50 miles] away. The pass is closed for at least five months a year and is open irregularly for the remainder.



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  3. Yousof hasib,S

    Afghan government as suggested from republic of Chines people to open it’s border and assist Afghanistan in building long highway from keshem badakhshan province to Afghan -china Boder it is very important for both countries .