The Republican Party is busy thinking up new ways to seek carnal knowledge of the canine

Belmont Clubber Subotai Bahadur:

The Republicans and Conservatives are two different entities, not yet completely divorced but with irreconciliable differences. The Conservatives are resisting Buraq Hussein, the Republicans are trying to be eaten last. I’m pretty sure that the Republican party is busy thinking up new ways to seek carnal knowledge of the canine as we write.

Ain’t that the truth?

The Republican Party is only slightly less execrable than the Democrats.

Join the Politically Incorrect Party. Throw all the bums out. Radicalized ex-conservative Cultural Revolutionaries are gathering at Tea Parties and town hall meetings across this great land.   Disgusted ex-Republicans, disgruntled ex-Democrats and disputatious ex-conservatives united in defiance of whoever presumes to rule free citizens of this Constitutional Republic are making their displeasure apparent to the perpetual incumbency.

We already have term limits.  Think about it.  Would an honest man run for reelection and spend more on his campaign than the job pays?



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3 responses to “The Republican Party is busy thinking up new ways to seek carnal knowledge of the canine

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  2. James

    The President’s name is spelled Barack, not Buraq. While it is a transliteration from Hebrew (or the later Arabic name), so is my name James. I would not appreciate someone spelling my name Jaymes or Jaimes or any other way in an attempt to slander me through some type of absurd association tied to the spelling of my name. Whether you like the President or not, or if you respect him as a man or not, you must respect his position as President. Although I rue the path our President is taking us down, he is still OUR President and therefore, as a patriot and a proud American, I refer to him as “President Obama” or “The President”. I believe if you style yourselves as either, y’all should too.

    P.S. I am obviously referring to the quote and not the words of this blog, but by posting this quote you are complicit in the disrespect of the American institution of Democracy.

    • Go ahead and report me to Janet Napolitano.

      I have little respect for Democracy. Democracy is 3 wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner. Point out to me what section of the Constitution mentions Democracy.

      The United States of America is a REPUBLIC.

      Somehow I doubt you were this punctilious on behalf of the previous incumbent.