Political Computer Network Attack/Restrictive Measures

If participating in Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks on the regime sounds like fun to you, read Spam offers to let people use their PC to attack Obama site and And Now Hackers are DDoSing Obama – Or are they Just Zombifying Your Machine?

Civilian Irregular Information Operators are on both sides of the Idea War.  The demographic stereotypically associated with hackers would generally trend towards supporting the regime.  How did Axelrod get your email address? 

Don’t be surprised some fine morning when you go to check out your favorite blogs and find a bunch of them down.  That would be the regime’s Supportive  Civilian Irregular Information Operators implementing Restrictive Measures against what they see as the propaganda of Opposition Civilian Irregular Information Operators.  Of course, Robert Gibbs will plausibly deny any Administration involvement.

H/T: Daily Uprising



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2 responses to “Political Computer Network Attack/Restrictive Measures

  1. Have always enjoyed your pithy comments on BC, saw you had a blog, and checked in. That is truly the most imaginative blogroll I have ever seen. Don’t know how long you’ve been blogging, but if recently then welcome to the club. I wonder how many of us are blogging because of Richard and Belmont Cub. Will check back often.

    Walt Erickson

  2. Welcome, Walt. I try to avoid commenting if I don’t know enough about the topic under discussion to contribute, so when I do know what I’m talking about I sound pithier than I really am. I’ve been blogging off and on since the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I wouldn’t say I’m blogging because of Wretchard, but I do follow him, and contribute what I can to his efforts, which will be seen by a lot more people than will ever see this blog.

    Glad you like the blog roll. You should see Wolf Howling‘s.