We know the country no longer has the guts to do hard things

A commenter calling himself Grandpa on a thread at American Thinker entitled Are Men Obsolete?  has summarized what the Culture War is all about:

Posted by: Grandpa
Jul 22, 12:45 AM


Well there are a few of us left but we’re a dying breed.

I suspect we are all middle aged or older…and old school to the core. Actually, many of us know our inner child. The difference between us and the metrosexuals is that we don’t dwell there but for private time with our wives, our kids, our grandkids, the neighbor’s grandkids and our dogs (no frigging cats dammit).

I’d venture to say most of us live well between the coasts. Men that wear sandals don’t generally qualify: leaving feet exposed to danger is stupid. You can’t fight or run.

All the ones I know have an unshakable grasp on reality. That’s a big deal. I respect dreamers but I don’t want one steering the ship-of-state.

In some ways, our life choices were easy. We didn’t suffer the dilemma of working vs. staying at home.

Old school guys generally do something real to earn their keep. I’m an engineer…and a pilot…and a farmer. Just fact. I’ve never been a soldier and I regret that. I hold real soldiers in the highest esteem.

Those of us that are really hard core don’t watch professional sports anymore. Too many idiot millionaires and the so called teams have different players every year. Screw that.

Country music still has a melody so we might listen to it. Just about everything else that passes for music isn’t…except some old rock ‘n roll. Regardless, we spend a lot of time thinking and for that, silence is best.

We have an incredible sense of duty…and loyalty…and fidelity. We love our country for what it once was and what it might again be. That said, I think a lot of us feel, rightly or wrongly, that the sacrifices we made toward building our nation have been betrayed. We actually wanted to leave things better than we found them….for our kids and yours. Really.

We HATE friggin’ liars and the world is full of them. That’s why we look cranky.

We hate the very concept of patience. Patience sucks. Show me a patient guy and I’ll show you someone (in sandals) that hasn’t accomplished crap.

We love our girls….our mothers, our wives, our daughters and our granddaughters. We don’t always understand them but we know we are loved back. We love our sons and pray they might pick up enough of Dad’s old school ways to survive in a tough world. We worry about the idiot neighbor kid and how he’ll survive his parents.

We actually pray from time to time…real prayers, fervent prayers…but we’re not given to bothering God all that much.

We believe in tattered ideas like honor, shame, self-respect and personal responsibility. We’ve almost always played by the rules and the times that we didn’t haunt us.

We believed in multiculturalism long before it became a fad: anyone could earn our respect. On the other hand, no one got it for free (and they still don’t).

A lot of us are deeply troubled these days. We know the country no longer has the guts to do hard things. We wonder if it ever will again. Ike, McArthur, Patton, Nimitz, Rickover….is anyone filling their shoes? Will we ever again fight a war to win? If John Kennedy’s challenge were made today, could we muster the engineers, physicists, pilots, machinists and electricians needed to put man on the moon in less than 10 years? Who would land at Normandy?

I really do hope that some of our sons got a case of “old school” that can’t be cured. I worry about that.

I’m tracking pretty closely with Grandpa.



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  1. Lucas "Bulletproof" Andrews

    The younger generations need to get more active, damnit! Expose the youth to more truths about our world and help them to arm themselves prroperly and safely!