The Whole World Is Watching


Her Name Was Neda



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  1. Darcy Williams

    Some commenters on some other blogs are claiming that this sequence is fake, that the Iranians have “Photoshopped” many images before, so this is probably just special effects such as Hollywood uses for its productions.

    God Help us. We have lying bastards and idiots in our own country who would rather believe that the Iranian masses would fake a shooting, than to believe that the Mullahs would kill their own people. Where have these morons been since 1979? Have they had their eyes closed to the images of homosexuals and adulterers being hanged from industrial cranes? Have they not heard of the Fatwa issued against British writer Salman Rushdie? Do they even know what a Fatwa IS? (An Islamic clerical condemnation of a person, giving permission to ANY Islamic faithful to execute the condemned person, regardless of time, place, national borders, differing laws, etc.)

    Have these idiots noticed that the Mullahs have been openly supplying arms and explosives to Hizb’allah in Lebanon and Gaza, and to foreign terrorists in Iraq killing Iraqi Shiite and Sunni civilians, as well as Coalition military?

    How can anyone be aware enough of current events to comment on a video coming out of Iran, and be so STUNNINGLY IGNORANT of the murderous history of Iranian Revolutionary Islamic Government that has been executing dissenters, communists, leftists, union organizers, writers, and NON-Islamic people for three decades?????

  2. Remember Green Helmet Guy?

    Years of Pallywood propaganda have caused millions in the West to question the veracity of all video originating from the Middle East.

    I think the Basij murdered Neda, and I’m not sympathetic enough to seriously entertain any narratives that might portray their regime in a better light.

    In the end, people pick the narrative they have been pre-conditioned to accept.

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