The Counterrevolution Will Be Twittered

The Contreristas are coming!  And they will be Twittering.  And they will be demonized and compared to genocidal Hutus.

Read The Dark Side of Twittering a Revolution.  Here is a slightly modified excerpt:

Consider, for a moment, what we’re seeing happening in America: mass-action coordinated, at least in part, through Twitter; traditional media in America having lost any legitimacy for the angry populace, alternative media–like Twitter–increasingly becoming the sole source of information; and a growing sense of persecution and crisis, abetted by the limited streams of rumor-heavy news.

The Politically Incorrect Political Party is taking shape, and elements of the Politically Correct  Party are beginning to notice, and worry.

There are lessons to be learned from recent events in Iran. What are they?

UPDATE: There’s Intelligent Life In The Twitterverse and Iran Proves It


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