Commander Tor Gol, Nirkh Jezailchis

Tor GolNirkh, or Nerkh, is a district of Wardak Province in Afghanistan.  Taliban, Haqqani Network, HIG, and assorted other Armed Opposition Groups cross Wardak Province on their way to mischief in Kabul.  Wardak was selected to be the pilot province for the implementation of the Afghan Public Protection Program, AKA AP3, or  Guardians, and often referred to on this blog as Jezailchis.  They are either the Civilian Irregular Defense Group of the Afghanistan Campaign or yet another attempt by stupid Americans to replicate the Sons of Iraq in Afghanistan.  Take your pick. 

Mentoring AP3 is out of Task Force Phoenix’s lane.  So is dealing with the Ministry of the Interior.  Johnny Utah’s ODA  is getting all the press coverage.  Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson of NPR is making them famous. Thanks Mrs. Greyhawk for the Dawn Patrol  link.

There may be other elements involved in midwifing the Guardians, but their stories are not being told.

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