OEF Logistics — The Hits Just Keep On Coming

Mordida, amigo.

Manas Air Base?  Kyrgyzstan?

Obscure but more important than most Americans realize.  Afghanistan doesn’t have much aviation infrastructure.  Stuff like long, concrete runways thick enough to withstand heavies hitting them at 162 knots, ramp space, hangars, fuel.  We need a place where the big airplanes from the States and Germany can come in, unload, refuel and leave, and the smaller intratheater airlifters can  load up those pallets and carry them down to the war zone.  Not enough ramp space down there to base much.  Karshi-Khanabad Air Base, Uzbekistan served this function  well until they kicked us out in 2005. 

If we let the Russians out-bribe us with the Kyrgyz, where are we going to base our KC-135’s?  Can’t keep Close Air Support up without aerial refueling.  Diego Garcia, Al Udeid and Ali Al Salem are far away.  Troops In Contact won’t have those assets like they used to.  Will GMLRS be able to take up that slack?  The rockets have to be flown in, too.  Does the U. S. Artillery in Afghanistan have GMLRS?

Afghanistan Supply Base May Defect to Russia .  If you watch the video, notice all the anti-submarine warfare aircraft parked at Manas. 

Russia Plays Tricky Game With US Over Kyrgyz Base

US troops ordered out of Kyrgyzstan after Russia deal

UPDATE: Supply Line to Troops in Afghanistan Is East-West Pawn


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6 responses to “OEF Logistics — The Hits Just Keep On Coming

  1. Seems bad, but there are other sources saying that this is not a done deal just yet. I just posted as well. And what’s up with the proposed Kazakhstan deal?

    You’re right about the aircraft. What are those P-3s doing there, anyway? And are they ours or someone else’s? Many of the NATO countries use P-3s as well. Are they the ASW model or the ELINT variants?

    • Orions are versatile platforms. I hear the SEALs prefer them to Predators. Good for GEOINT, too. The squids at KAF liked to tell the locals that the Magnetic Anomaly Detector stinger could find weapons caches and caves.

      I’ll have to check on Kazakhstan.

  2. c4toyourdoornobeefnomore

    The Russians again.

    So Cannoneer I haven’t really had time to see if you’ve commented on this at any length but what do you think the Russian/Putin/Stooge-Medvedev game is? I see Putin as this (forgive me) “James Bond super villain-type.” Whatever he’s up to as far as it concerns the US, it is no good. His Wikipedia entry is quite amusing saying something to the effect that he is not payed among the top 100 Russian government officials….while others think he may be among the richest men in Europe from Gazprom etc. Once a KGB man, always.

    He long ago saw BO as a weak horse, I’m certain of that.

  3. Putin’s game is to run us out of the former Soviet Union’s sphere of influence.

    He hated that we were ever in Uzbekistan.

    He hates that we’re in Kyrgyzstan.

    He hates that we kept him from overrunning Georgia.

    He hates that Latvia is in NATO.

    Russians like Putin cannot stand to see America succeed in Afghanistan, and are going to do what they can to keep that from happening.

    In 100 years Russian will be spoken only in Hell, but few of us will be around to enjoy that triumph.

  4. hoosierarmymom

    Personally, I think Putin does not want to see the US succeed in Afghanistan since they failed miserably when they invaded as the former and soon to be again USSR. I have to wonder why Russia wants to go back to Communism. It didn’t work, amnd as much as they would like you to believe all was equal, the Russian Mafia didn’t get to be the big, ugly monster that it is in just the few years since communism fell. If Russia has been a mess since communism ended, it is because of all the corruption that existed in the old system. They are just inviting that corruption back, IMHO.

  5. Corruption never left. Russia has been a mess since Tsar Alexander II was assassinated.