What MICHAEL in MI Said

. . . over at Blackfive that 99% of the US mass media may as well be the enemy needed to be said.

And PA needs to hear it.



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3 responses to “What MICHAEL in MI Said

  1. KSH

    Any competent PA serving understands this and cultivates relationship with the reporters to attempt to ensure the the military’s messages come through. That ain’t easy when the message has to go through multiple filters, such as editors, once in the hands of the media to suit the tilt that an outlet stands behind. There is no truly “objective” reporting done any more.

    “The US mass media believes every fucking thing coming from our enemies and reports it as fact and sensationalizes it, while they mistrust every damn thing coming from our military and consider it pro-US ‘propaganda’.”

    It’s not accurate to say the media “believes” anything. They simply report what they have or can clarify with the source. Getting hold of Mr. Bin Laden for clarification can prove difficult at best and trying to counter a YouTube video is a waste of time.

    “Do you honestly believe that having the US mass media serves as some kind of “doublecheck” on enemy propaganda? Sorry, but that is simply ridiculous and naive.”

    Do you honestly believe that serving as a doublecheck is it’s function?

  2. Do I honestly believe that serving as a doublecheck is it’s function? No.

    Most individual media personalities believe things, like Postmodernism, Transnational Progressivism, Political Correctness, Multiculturalism, Environmentalism and assorted other -isms that permeate their reporting. They do more than report. They attempt to convince.