Operational Verification

Could U. S. Military Information Operators do this?

Or would our own doctrine preclude COMCAM from supporting and PA from relating?



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  1. Grumpy

    As I look at this and whole question of the value of information during war. You will be on a constant mission to legally prove your action in war was compliant with the International Laws of Land Warfare. But this is not as simple as it might sound to some. The question arises, What are the consequences of inaccurate information? There will be many who will say, if there is any deviation from the absolute facts, in the letter of the Laws of Land Warfare, We have a War Crime. As we look at this, we will see one party looking at the adversary’s actions. but not look at their own. There will always be questions on the accuracy of the video. The question is has there been any tampering? As many of you know, we have “advanced black bag technologies” to determine if any such action has taken place. Many people want to look only at the letter. but not the spirit of Land Warfare. If or when we speak, we must speak the truth and this is an ultimate defeat.

  2. Grumpy

    Correction: The last clause should read “we must speak the truth and failure to do this is the ultimate defeat.”

    Sorry, about that!

  3. Ah, Grumpy, what is “truth” is this post-modernist age?

  4. Grumpy

    Cannoneer No. 4, Ah, we want to play useless word games on such a serious subject. Yet, you want people to listen. This shows a total lack of understanding and discipline in the reality of warfare.

    I could just walk out of here and say, he is not worth my attention or time. But in my view, that last line would be inappropriate behavior. Then I would be showing a total lack of understanding and discipline in the reality of warfare. I refuse to go down that path.

    To answer your question, We need to understand the real place future wars will actually be fought in a different theatre of operations. In the concept of warfare, “truth” does not change, it is timeless. We may have different technologies to record it, but those technologies, their accuracy and trustworthiness are absolutely essential. Please understand all of these concepts would not be decided in any part of US Judicial System, or even Military Law. It will be decided under the Laws of Evidence of the International Court. Welcome to the new Theatre of Operations. Now, you know what it feels like to be on the front lines. Now, you can be accused of war crimes. How do you like it?


  5. No, Grumpy, your misinterpretation of a perfectly serious question as a useless word game displays a total lack of understanding and discipline in the reality of the cognitive battlespace in which war is fought now. “Truth”, to hundreds of millions of overeducated idiots in what was once known as Western Christendom, is not what you think it is. “Truth” does and has changed in the way it is perceived and accepted, in the concept of warfare and everything else.

    Accuracy and trustworthiness are not nearly as essential to much of the world as they are to you. Neither are truth, justice, and the American Way. And still these people must be influenced, one way or another, to behave in ways favorable to our objectives.

  6. Grumpy

    Cannoneer, now it is my turn, Teacher, leaving religious views aside, they were not a part of my opinion. The questions become, What is Cannoneer’s view of the word, truth? Do you have an essential difference between the words truth and perception? Do you look at truth through the lens of perception? You might say something like, my view of truth is constantly changing. You might even see yourself on a giant analog clock with giant hands on that same clock. Now put yourself on the end of those hands. Now, take the hub of that very same clock and put it on a virtual pivot point. Now this very same clock can pivot on all axis. As we look at truth or the hub, our view of it changes. But we must remember, the truth itself did not change, only our perspective of it. Lastly, it is not important how you or I define the word truth. The important place is there and the international world.

    I intentionally tried to keep western values out of the loop. Why? This problem will ultimately be resolved by the Arabs, Persians and the Jews.

  7. Grumpy


    “Resolved? A Final Solution? Maybe when the Jews decide death is preferable to endless struggle for survival.”

    If you are talking about Death of the Jews, THEN, I BELIEVE YOU ARE TOTALLY WRONG!

    The Jews have already stated they did not want to kill the Gazans. They will stop the terrorists.


  8. Grumpy


  9. This is my blog, Grumpy, and on my blog I decide when discussions end.

    If the Persians and the Arabs had the power to resolve their problem with Israel, they would have done so by now. They have so far failed, but they seem to be making progress in convincing ever-increasing numbers of Israelis and American Jews that Israel is the Bad Guy. This is a huge PSYOP. Israel exists only as long as Israelis retain the will to do what they must.

    P. S.

    Your all caps emoting doesn’t do for your comments what you think it does.

  10. Apparently Grumpy doesn’t understand that the major media outlets in the world are in the back pocket of the Arabs. When you have the big 3 in the US, the Beeb, and Deutche Welle all reporting how bad it is that the Palis in Gaza are getting their butts handed to them, and never mentioned a single rocket attack launched by Hamas, you can see the obvious bias.

    Maybe if we had combat cameramen instead of “embedded reporters” documenting the weapons caches found in Iraq, we wouldn’t have all of the “no WMDs” BS from the Left.