Obama’s Online Army

The eResistance will have to contend with his legions of Civilian Irregular Information Operators:

On Nov. 18, Obama’s campaign manager David Plouffe e-mailed the online legions and asked them to rank the following four “goals for this movement”: helping Obama “pass legislation through grassroots efforts”; electing “state and local candidates who share the same vision for our country”; training “volunteers in the organizing techniques we used to elect Barack”; and “working on local issues.”

The Interactive Presidency

The civilian versions of Psychological Operations, Deception, Operational Security,  Electronic Warfare and Computer Network Operations will be used as never before by Supportive elements of the domestic target audience as weapons of political warfare against the Unsupportive and Uncommitted elements of the domestic TA.  If the Unsupportive expect to have any restraining influence at all, they will have to form coalitions and downplay their internal ideological differences.  Libertarians have much of the Unsupportive techsense.  Capitalists and Entrepreneurial Frontiersmen have much of the Unsupportive advertising and marketing expertise.  American Exceptionalists and Patriots have some veteran military information operators.  The “conservatives” and the “right” have a few good writers and thinkers.  Can such a herd of cats work together to counter collectivist nutroots information dominance?



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6 responses to “Obama’s Online Army

  1. KSH

    Sure they have the capability to execute C4I. But after the leadership of the last eight years, do they have the true moxie to gather together and do so? Even the Libertarians have been discouraged at what has become the U.S. It’s time to free ourselves from the Nixonits currently in control and seek a new vision.

    (All that with two fingers, I’ll have to adopt a new call sign!)

  2. Who do you include among “ourselves”?

    And what Nixonits?

    Most of what you think you know about Nixon is probably wrong.

  3. Gerry Condon

    Are we going to unite against “collectivist nutroots information dominance” or against imperial U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

    Who will unite against war, against racism, and for human rights, equality and economic justice?

    I support GI’s who refuse to fight in illegal wars. Check out my blog, www. [blatant spam edited].blogspot.com.

  4. KSH

    I made no reference to Nixon directly. I referred to his staff and those of his staff, i.e. Dick & Don, who have carried out collective failed policies that have shown their true colors.

    And, no, it doesn’t seem that you are among the general population of “ourselves.”

  5. I made no reference to Nixon directly.

    it’s always good to create your own personal bogey man and name your political foes after him and then never talk about that bogey man directly afterwards. Makes making things up a lot easier.