“How do we supplement what the government is already doing?”

Shannen Rossmiller asks.

“I’m just a private citizen,” . . . “I’m not out there saying, ‘Sure, join up the effort, do it from home.’ . . . You might find yourself in legal trouble. You might mess up something ongoing and not realize it,”  . . . “I feel it’s the right thing to do,” she said. “If you have something to offer that is valuable or helpful why not offer it? If more people did, can you imagine what a different world it would be?”

Web-based terrorist hunter to teach

At the first FBI-sponsored International Conference on Cyber Security, held at Fordham University in New York City, Rossmiller, 39, said she planned to team with an as-yet-unnamed defense contractor to form a “cyber corps” of intelligence experts who will search out terrorists on the Internet.

“Everybody finally understands what the terrorists have known since 9/11,” said Rossmiller, an FBI counter-intelligence asset.

“With just a few thousand dollars and the Web, terrorists can be more efficient than our own government. And we have to do something about that.”

. . .

“There are a lot of people who can be trained to do what I do,” Rossmiller said. “I don’t want the notoriety or the pressure. I can teach people who will be paid professionals, not volunteers like me.”






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8 responses to ““How do we supplement what the government is already doing?”

  1. KSH

    One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. The government needs no help in creating enemies.

  2. One man’s idea of a witty cliche is another man’s idea of low-IQ spam.

  3. L


    Other than the current crop of terrorists murdering their own women and children for anything but freedom, you might have a point. BTW, what does KSH mean, Khalid Sheikh Hamid?

  4. KSH

    L – Cute. Ken S. Heller, 1SG (Ret), Public Affairs. (Jack Holt can fill you in if you really want to know).

    Cannoneer No. 4: Re: “is another man’s idea of low-IQ spam” Just trying to keep it simple for the audience. 😉

  5. KSH

    lol – I’ll give it a shot, and if you don’t mind, I’ll drop an opinion here and there.

    SO… who are you and L (Just so I know who I’m playing with in the playground)? 🙂 I’m fully versed in what a cannoneer is, but the soldier behind the label….

  6. I was nobody you would ever have heard of, Top, and I’ve been out a long time. The answers to most questions I feel like answering are on this blog somewhere. Keep reading.