Foreign Civilian Irregular Information Operations

Irregulars can mix PSYOP propaganda/counterpropaganda with CNA (Computer Network Attack) botnets to hit enemy web sites with DDOS attacks, thus applying Restrictive Measures to sources of enemy propaganda.  A certain amount of PSYOP expertise is required to influence Supporters to volunteer for the CNA botnet, which will be used for PSYOP.  Civilian Irregular PSYOP’ers and Civilian Irregular hackers can work together nicely.


Citizen Propaganda in Contemporary Conflicts: The Case of Israel-Gaza, Russia-Georgia and China-Tibet

Install a trojan for Israel? Uh, no thanks.

Hacktivist tool targets Hamas

Wage Cyberwar Against Hamas, Surrender Your PC

Hackers Take the Fight Over Gaza Online

Help Us Win

UPDATE 200901121951: Israel’s Looking for a Few Good Cybermen

Help Israel Win

UPDATE 200901141557:  Technology Delivers War Propaganda to Gaza, Israeli Citizens

UPDATE 200901141643:   Gaza crisis spills onto the web


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