What Ever Happened to the Counterterrorism Communication Center?

Remember them?

They could tell me and the rest of the domestic TA, but then I suppose they would have to kill us.

They might be doing great and wonderful things, but if the domestic TA cannot be told of their successes, what reason does the domestic TA have for being anything other than sceptical about their existence and effectiveness?

Recent discussions of propaganda and counterpropaganda on this blog, at Castle Argghhh! and at SWJ never mentioned the CTCC.

Duncan MacInnes, Principal Deputy Coordinator Bureau of International Information Programs, U.S. Department of State,  said this to U.S. House Committee on Armed Services Subcommittee on Terrorism, Unconventional Threats back on November 15, 2007:


Under Secretary Hughes established the Counterterrorism Communication Center (CTCC) last summer to coordinate overall overt USG strategic communications messaging in the war of ideas and to produce and disseminate effective messaging to counter terrorist ideology, especially in the Arab and Muslim world but also in Europe and elsewhere.


The CTCC is a small but truly interagency organization, with staff currently drawn from the Department of State, Department of Defense, the National Counter Terrorism Center and the intelligence community. Working with State, DoD and other USG agencies, it produces strategic communications plans, develops effective narratives and themes to undermine and counter terrorist messaging, and produces specific messages for use by State and DoD communicators. It responds with talking points to breaking events and works closely with the Rapid Response Unit in the State Department’s Public Affairs Office to put out a daily anti-terrorism message. CTCC messages go to more than 2,000 key U.S. government communicators, including the Combatant Commands and all U.S. Embassies, who build on the themes and information in the messages, customizing them for local audiences in order to achieve the greatest impact. Our efforts focus on undermining and putting extremists on the defensive by exposing how terrorists recruit and exploit young people, destroy mosques and religious sites and murder women, children and innocent victims, such as the tragic events of last week that resulted in the deaths of 59 schoolboys, five teachers, police officers and other innocent adult bystanders in an effort to target members of the Afghan parliament, six of whom died in the attack.


The CTCC is intended to be a small, collaborative, interagency resource with a daily mission of providing the intellectual leadership necessary for countering terrorist ideology and extremist propaganda through coordinated messages. The mission and functions of CTCC were developed in response to needs identified by the defense, foreign policy and intelligence communities. The effectiveness of the CTCC is dependent on its interagency staffing, and we intend for the CTCC to continue drawing on expertise from across the entire government.

So whatever happened to Duncan MacInnes?
Is he a holdover from Madame Secretary’s husband’s regime or does he become a Former Regime Loyalist in 12 days?
Whatever happened to the CTCC?
Did they ever produce anything for the domestic TA?
If they didn’t, should they have?
Is there any reason for optimism that they know what they’re doing and are getting it done?


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