“The war has gone on longer than a lot of news organizations’ ability or appetite to cover it,”

Deebow sez:

“Ability” most likely means, with viewer-ship continuing to drop like a stone and Advert revenue being spent in markets and on media that people actually watch and see; the Old Media likely have a great deal less money to spend to cover the bar tabs and security details for the propagandists who run around Iraq looking for the next “victim” of US Forces.

“Appetite” turns out to mean that without car bombs going off every hour, or any operations where US Forces can be shown “oppressing” the populace; that they have no “appetite” to broadcast anything related to the Victory narrative.

The “profession” of journalism has earned the contempt in which it is now held by so many.

Relentless, destructive critique of MSM persons and publications is among the most important tasks of bloggers, commenters, and tipsters of the Resistance.



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6 responses to ““The war has gone on longer than a lot of news organizations’ ability or appetite to cover it,”

  1. Jay

    No worries. They’ve got the Gaza victims of Israel’s eevil “genocide machine” to fall back on now. They should be sending gift baskets to Ehud Barak. Between the bleeding heart protests and the limp bodies being dragged from rubble they’ve got full magazines again.

  2. The same limp bodies keep showing up on different days at different scenes. Pallywood, baby!

  3. suek

    Bookworm of Bookwormroom posted this url…You might find it of interest…


  4. suek

    According to Michelle Malkin, Youtube has pulled the Israeli clips. No, they haven’t…yes they have. Apparently there’s a pushmepullyou going on and at any particular moment it may be there or not. Supposedly it’s also available at Liveleak…

  5. Like with JIhadWatch you can only pull videos off youtube by massive reportage of one single video. If enough videos are pulled for the various reasons Youtube lists, then the account itself may be suspended.