Resisters: Entrepreneurial Frontiersmen Fort Up

Productive people in ever growing numbers are making plans now to reduce their vulnerabilities to redistribution of their wealth, many by simply refusing to create any more wealth to be expropriated.  Entrepreneurial frontiersmen will be valuable members of the Resistance, along with Cultural Revolutionaries, American Exceptionalists, libertarians, people who want to be left the hell alone,  Gulchers, Constitutionalists, Appleseeds, bitter clingers, Christians, Patriots, and others who intend to make things difficult for the new Powers That Be. 

Over at American Thinker, Mr. C. Edmund Wright explains why business leaders are laying off workers and hunkering down, and a commenter over there ( Not_Paying, Dec 10, 11:38 PM) said something that I think will become important in future histories of this era:

You are far from the only business owner shutting down. We are much smaller with our custom woodworking, wood turning and sculpting business, but we started scaling back months ago when the proverbial writing on the political wall grew clearer and clearer, day by day. Now, we will shutter our small business at noon, December 31st, and our small group of loyal, long-time employees, to whom we gave almost 4 months notice, will be out of work. Several will be able to retire, all are stellar master artists and craftspeople and we have been working with them to advocate on their behalf for gainful employment elsewhere, assuming of course there are any “elsewheres” left to be gainfully employed a few months hence.


I will continue to provide custom orders for turned and sculpted artistic pieces to the galleries to whom I am under contract personally … although with the flagging economy, I do not expect the usual volume of orders to come rolling in since I produce art, which is purchased with disposable income … something incoming Prez Obama is going to attempt to relieve us of ASAP in the form of higher taxes.

Here’s what I wish for the 52 million azzhats who voted with the new “Americana”, the “me and mine” first, Socialistic form of government: I wish you as much misery, in triplicate, as the proud, hard-working Americans who will become jobless because of YOUR vote last November … not jobless by choice, mind you, but solely because YOU wanted “change”, YOU wanted something to which you were never entitled, something which another American earned by hard work and the sweat of his or her brow, something to which I, and my spouse, will do our damndest to deprive you of: another penny off the back of OUR hard-earned dollars.

We will retire to a small plot of land we purchased and paid for years ago. We will grow our own vegetables and have bartered an arrangement with a neighbor for half side of Angus beef annually; we will pasture “X” number of his Angus cattle on our land and he will provide us with our dry aged, butchered to order, freezer wrapped and blast frozen beef annually.

I promise you this, Commandant Obama: we will do everything within our collective power, health permitting, to live off our land, minimize our taxable income and capital gains even as we cut expenses to the bare bone. We will make damn sure there isn’t a legal dime more of our bank accounts you can rake in to redistribute to some dead-azz who is a dead-azz precisely because they’ve spent a lifetime making poor choices. Moreover, I’ll give it all away to a worthy charitable enterprise if we have to, before Leviathan big Government gets another cent of it. We spent a lifetime paying our “fair share” and then some of our taxable income, never cheating on our taxes, always trying to do the right thing.

Deadbeats and uber-liberals, you are about to learn a very hard lesson in the most indisputable way. There will be no place for more pie in the sky liberal ideologues and their endless prattling and wittering on vacuously. Sirs and madames, you are about to discover, quite rudely, that the wagon advances neither forward, nor backward … because we are busily ensuring that with you and all your foolish bleeding heart liberal protegees piled 50 high, wide and deep on the wagon, there will be no one left to pull the damn thing. Enjoy reality! It’s our parting gift to you. The cure? Get off your azz and work for your own food, shelter and related necessities.

Goodnight, America, we, the proud, independent small business people of this once proud nation promise to turn off the lights for you as we shutter our businesses, one by one. Land of the politician, home of the moochers, victims, whiners, complainers and various and sundry related deadbeats, miscreants and freeloaders.

May God continue to richly bless and keep our proud, brave military men and women and each of their families. We pray continually for your safety and we will never cease to honor you for your service. You, we will never forget!

Bolding above added by me.

I don’t have a business, mostly because I never have been all that entrepreneurial, so I can’t emulate Wright and Not-Paying, but I can sympathize with them, and disseminate their words, and attempt in my own way to recognize and appreciate their contributions to Resistance.

UPDATE: March 6, 2009 Will Atlas Shrug? A Compilation of Blogosphere Commentary about “Going Galt”



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14 responses to “Resisters: Entrepreneurial Frontiersmen Fort Up

  1. Nice Site layout for your blog. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

    Tom Humes

  2. I personally think this is a counterproductive overreaction.

    Replace “Obama” with “Bush” throw a few “warcrimes” and “eavesdroppings” in there, and this is totally a Daily Kos diary!

    I did not vote for Obama, but he is the president now. And I won’t give up on my country just because of the President people elect. Lincoln did not give up and head to Illinois when the South Seceded, right? Is electing Obama as bad as that? On second thought, don’t answer!

    Thus far, Obama has indicated he’s backing away from the windfall profits tax on oil companies, and that he is planning to let the Bush tax cuts expire in 2010, which will bring Tax Rates to where they were in 2000. Higher than now, yes, but hardly draconian.

    So you plan to drop out of society because of this? If that is what floats your boat, fine, but there are other options. Right here in this blog, write about alternatives to policies being proposed, backed up by facts, and get the word out. Fighting bad ideas with good ideas is a better form of resistance in the long run. . .

  3. Counterproductive for whom? For the IRS? Definitely. For everybody with their hand out demanding their piece of the entitlement pie? Youbetcha!

    Smart people will find ways to separate themselves from idiots. Millions of individual acts of personal secession will eventually be noticed.

  4. What indications do you have that President Obama is going to take your Savings Accounts?

  5. He won’t trouble himself with my savings. He will preside over a government that nationalizes financial institutions, achieves total visibility of everybody’s assets, and redistributes to each according to his need.

  6. Come on cannoneer, you are tinfoiling, brother!

  7. Ad hominem attacks are often used in a debate or discussion where the speaker wishes to avoid the substance of the discussion and instead resorts to smearing the character of their opponent.

    It is considered a logical fallacy and is one of the modes of spreading propaganda.

    I reject your diagnosis and defy your attempt to belittle the validity of my opinion, “brother.”

  8. Cannoneer…you provided me a link a few weeks ago about the “abkakai”(?), the tribal “police” in afghanistan. Can you send me the links again? I have been reading other interesting information about how the Taliban act and governance in the rural areas.

    I want to use that info for a piece. Got my email?


  9. Should have read your header. This “arbakai” is the info I need. Send me your links please.

  10. Good luck with the “piece” Kat. I’m sure it will be extensive.

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