HuffPo’s Commentariat Damage Troop Morale

Old Blue is a troop, and they bummed him out with their vicious response to Scott Kesterson’s report on soldier reactions to the election. I ought to comment over at his place but I’ve been having technical problems with his comment section so here it is.

A large and influential portion of the next Commander-in-Chief’s base loaths the military.

That’s got to be a harsh reality to face for America’s Defenders. The election was a rejection of everything they have achieved, every sacrifice they have made. It’s beginning to look like 1974. We will probably cut & run and allow Baghdad and Kabul to fall next year just like we allowed Saigon to fall. Dumb ass civilians don’t know what that does to an army, to be forced to throw a fight. It destroys morale, esprit d’ corps, motivation, professionalism. Idealists are crushed. Bitter cynics with a fine contempt for the society they serve stay in. Everybody else bails. The wounds of 1975 were still very raw when I came on active duty in 1978. Jimmy Carter’s Army was a hollow force. Barack Obama’s Army may end up much worse off.

Chris M left a comment over there that I want to disseminate further, because he describes the mind set Cultural Revolutionaries are revolting against.

First, consider the source, the Huff Post? These are hardcore, vicious leftists and here is where they hang out. I didn’t even bother reading most of the comments as they would do little but infuriate me, but to respond to them is like talking to the wall. They are right and you are not. The so-called “liberals” are the most closed minded individuals in this country. If you don’t agree with their “enlightened” world view, you clearly must be stupid, uninformed, a redneck, or a victim because of socio-economic status, or all of the above. If you actually had independent thought you would of course agree with them and therefore would never be in the military in the first place. By logical extension you are presumed to be an idiot and therefore it is only natural that once you leave the military or your tour as a victimized, brain washed zombie, you will redirect your havoc onto society as a rapist, a murderer or simply a victim in need of being saved by a government that will of course let you down.

Second is the cultural thinking that lends itself to this so called “enlightened world view.” It’s a not so subtly veiled neo-marxism coming form the only place in the world where Uncle Karl remains a legitimate ideology and that is the American university. Take for example the fact that a guy like William Ayers is considered “mainstream,” – he and his terrorist wife are college professors – not in Beijing but Chicago. Who else would hire these clowns? Just take a glance at their writings and what they are teaching. It’s, always under the guise of “kindness & reform” of an unjust social order but it doesn’t take a PhD to call it what it is: Marxism, relativism in the extreme, and a disdain for this country that has given them so much. These guys are just an easy example, but think about, how could they actually get a job in academia (or anywhere for that matter)? Well simply because like-minded folks have hired them. This is the “mainstreaming” of radicalism that has been going on for some time. The last vestige of the hippie-me-first-baby boomer-generation. They have left their mark in the only place they could, and not without some effect.

From this relativism is a cultural secularism, or nihilism and therefore a belief that there is something intrinsically wrong with the United States, and this evil should be punished. They flat out reject the belief that United States is not only intrinsically good but is the standard bearer for is right in the world. Our experiment as a country, even with its faults, is the greatest country on earth, and arguably has a duty assist the rest of the world to rise up our standards rather than us to theirs. Not only is there no concern for us being attacked, WTC I in ’93, Khyber Tower’s, the U.S.S. Cole, 9/11 etc., in fact we “deserve” to be attacked for all or injustices committed on the world: the gift of democracy, human rights, and humanitarian aid to start. Of course, having this intellectually lazy world view of the intrinsic malady of the United States leaves one, to conclude that our values are not worth fighting for. Logically then, there is nothing worth fighting for, the concept of “Duty, Honor, Country,”-things us military folks hold dear -is an outdated,outgrowth of our evil imperialistic ways spouted by mindless automatons who need these beliefs to justify themselves.

I don’t think the majority of people feel this way, but the influence is there, it permeates into the mainstream. Despite the reasons above there is President Bush’s failure to mobilize the American public in the wake of 9/11, and his subsequent failure to properly articulate to the American public the importance of why we fight and the continued danger Islamic militants present to us. This fight was just left to “those poor bastards in the military.” Well hey that’s what they signed up for, and like Senator Kerry said, they probably couldn’t do anything else anyway i.e.: either too stupid to do otherwise or aren’t setting up their future political careers. The so-called support our troops to me is more like “gee I feel sorry for those suckers,” much like one might do for disaster victims – sucks for them but better than than me! The fight in Afghanistan, especially, IS right and IS just and taken to its correct end will assist not only the Afghan people but provide more security in the world. Unfortunately most of the American public has not felt the sting of what failure would mean in the wake of 9/11, like America did after the attack on Pearl Harbor where the entire country for the most part was concerned with our victory. In some respects we are loosing the IO battle.
Chris M – i welcome a discussion.

Somehow, Cultural Revolutionaries must find a way to make openly displayed contempt for our country and its defenders socially unacceptable again.

Bill Gertz told Rush yesterday It’s clear to me that it’s become an ideology of the liberal left that the United States is the cause of the world’s problems. These are the blame-America-first liberals. They are now in power, and we’re going to see an aggressive campaign to basically denigrate the United States. Now, they will couch their things by saying, “Oh, yes, we love America, we want America to be great,” but we are going to see anti-Americanism fostered around world by this lack of soft power. We often hear about the liberals talk about soft power. Soft power is great, but we don’t have any capability for that right now. The State Department is basically a diplomatic post. They don’t understand the threats facing the world, the enemies that are out there that want to destroy this country.

American Exceptionalists, Nationalists and Patriots have no choice but to resist these people.



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  2. It’s hard to credit that the incoming administration could be that stupid, all the way to the top. To put it in politically self-interested terms, it would have disastrous electoral consequences in plenty of time for the mid-term congressional elections and be political suicide in terms of a potential second term. After all, some 48 percent of voters cast ballots for the other guy this time around, the guy who didn’t win.

    Outside of places like Columbia University and UC-Berkeley (which means far too many of our institutions of higher learning) it’s not only socially unacceptable, but hazardous to ones health to display open contempt for the military, even if some fairly outrageous displays of contempt for our country are permitted, since the received wisdom declares that dissent is the highest form of patriotism.

    Just like adultery is the highest form of fidelity.

    I’ve quoted you and linked to you here:

  3. Grimmy


    You’re forgetting one very important thing. The man who’s now our POTUS elect got his political education at the feet of our most virulent leftist radical and America hating scumbags, where ever he went.

    It would be foolish in the extreme to assume that such a man, and those he’ll surround himself with now, have any real grasp of actual, functional, reality.

  4. rickl

    American Exceptionalists, Nationalists and Patriots have no choice but to resist these people.

    One of the many things I liked about Sarah is that she regularly used the phrase “American Exceptionalism” on the campaign trail. I can’t think of another politician in my lifetime who has done so.

  5. I hope Sarah comes back to lead a new coalition of Cultural Revolutionaries, American Exceptionalists, libertarians, people who want to be left the hell alone, entrepreneurial frontiersmen, Gulchers, Constitutionalists, Appleseeds, bitter clingers, Christians and Patriots that rises out of the ashes of the Republican Party.

  6. A New Kind of Warfare

    The difficulty, and it is extreme, lies in persuading a civilisation that is fast losing the power to reason at all of the objectively verifiable truth — in whose very existence, however, the relativist west has long ceased to believe.

    The West would have sorted out these jihadis a long time ago had not decades of Soviet and now Leftist propaganda enervated their national wills to the point of paralysis. Most of the Culture War and Idea War originated with the Soviets, and the beneficiaries of those efforts are standing on Soviet shoulders.