Hey Grimmy, Happy Birthday

Grimmy is one of our regular commenters, and was at one time one of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children.  I never was a Marine, but I’ve known some.  Traditions are good.




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7 responses to “Hey Grimmy, Happy Birthday

  1. Grimmy

    Heh, thanks, brother.

    Semper Fi to all the Tribe, and to the heathen that also stand up to hold the line.

  2. Heathens?

    Y’all ain’t the whole tribe. Y’all are one of the Warrior Societies of the Amriki, the strongest tribe.

    But broken down old warriors of other societies can still honor yours.

  3. Grimmy


    Heathen aint no insult. It just is what it is. The Amriki is like the umbrella term of “natives”. The USMC is a specific tribe under that umbrella.

    Not saying that the other folk are lesser, or less significant or any such, only that y’all are different.

    Heck, the Marines are so thoroughly tribal in structure that even a Marine from another battalion is viewed somewhat suspiciously.

  4. You guys ain’t near so different as you used to be. I saw that in Anbar. Marine RCT’s are pretty much interchangeable with Army BCT’s for most intents and purposes, now. II MEF could accept a MNARNG BCT in attachment, and RC South can plug in 24th MEU to Helmand. Marines are getting pretty purple these days.

    Neither fish, nor fowl, nor mammal, but all three. A military chimera.

    You know your Light Armored Recon Battalions are really Cavalry Squadrons, right?

  5. Grimmy

    Oh hell. That just aint right.
    Kids these days, no respect for tradition.

  6. Ymarsakar

    Kids these days, no respect for tradition.

    Are you referring to those that call that graphic up there just a “chicken on a beachball”?

  7. Grimmy


    Nope. Marines have a long tradition of snarking and ridiculing their institutions and symbols, while on active duty.

    But when an outsider does it, it’s on. We can “talk about our mama”. But say one word if you’re not family and it’s a good bet you’ll never chew your own food again.