Getting Ready to Give Up

Just watched FRONTLINE:  The War Briefing.  Gloom, doom, we can’t win, alles kaput.  What struck me the most was the total absence of any Afghan National Army or Afghan National Police in the show.  The US Army looks to be in the Korengal Valley by themselves, with a terp.  They can’t even recover a humvee from a ditch.  Watching them blow it in place just plain pissed me off.  Pissing me off and lowering my morale, preparing the mental battlespace for collectively throwing up our hands in exasperation and picking up our marbles and going home, seemed to be the purpose of the show. 

PBS interviewed a bunch of people, some of whom were worth listening to. There are some undigested corn kernals in this road apple of a show, but you have to be pretty hungry to dig for them.

I’ll have more on this later.

UPDATE: No I won’t. Old Blue took care of it for me. Click. Read. Learn.

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  1. I didn’t bother to watch it. I get my AFgan war stuff now from Long War Journal and Covert Radio mostly.