Distance Recruiting and Training of Low-IQ Lily Whites

Bomber Nicky Reilly was brainwashed online by Pakistani extremists

Reilly, who converted to Islam in his mid-teens, is thought to have encountered British-based Muslim radicals in internet cafés near his council home in Plymouth, which he shared with his mother.

Security sources said that radicals encouraged him to visit internet chat rooms and other websites where he encountered the men based in Pakistan who helped to mould a violent hatred of the West. Reilly, who appeared in court as Mohamad Abdulaziz Rashid Saeed Alim, set up his own page on YouTube, Chechen 233, where he discussed with the men who his targets should be. They answered his questions and directed him to bomb-making websites.

Wonder what role RICU played in this investigation?

“There is no cohesive and comprehensive outreach and communications strategy in place to confront this threat,”

The Al Qaeda Media Machine


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