Dissent Is Only Patriotic When The Dissenter Is A Patriot

H/T: Outlaw 13. More like these at The People’s Cube.



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3 responses to “Dissent Is Only Patriotic When The Dissenter Is A Patriot

  1. Grimmy

    The dissent of the left is absolutly patriotic. The only problem is that it’s a patriotism for the cause of the enemy. Any enemy really. Doesn’t matter who. The only qualification for the undieing love and support of our own domestic treason caste is that it be aimed at the destruction of the US of A.

  2. you are

    YOU ARE…a dumbass. all of those you just described are the things the elite are doing, in this country, to us. open up your tiny little mind and take a look around. i love american people, but i don’t love how are ruled by the dollar, and exploited by it simultaneously. if you don’t think this is so then you aren’t paying attention. history is written by the victors, and that is true in all instances.