Military Deception is an Information Operation rarely mentioned on this blog.  Maybe somebody can link me to examples of Paramilitary Deception.

Anyway, the Good Guys suckered the Taliban.

Operation Eagle’s Summit: the inside story of a daring foray into Taliban territory

The British are the masters of deceit



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8 responses to “Kajaki MILDEC

  1. suek

    Maybe if we did some recruiting in England, some of those Brits would be willing to switch sponsoring governments…


  2. We’ll get plenty of talented refugees from the coming British Diaspora.

  3. suek

    Good for us, sad for them.

    Still, they’ve brought it upon themselves. Maybe it could still be turned around, but I doubt it.

  4. The UK today is what America will be like after 8 years of Obamania.

  5. munzenberg

    “Maybe somebody can link me to examples of Paramilitary Deception”

    There is a chapter in John Latimer’s ‘Deception in War’ mostly covering pseudo-operations. Some of the wars include the malayan emergency, the mau mau uprising, Vietnam, and Northern Ireland.

  6. munzenberg

    cannoneer, have you read the writing of Theodore Dalrymple? His book Our Culture, What’s left of it is pretty good, but is just a rehash of his essays that can be found online here and here.

  7. Pseudo-gangs of turned Taliban, undercover ANA and heavily bearded Pashto-fluent SF or SAS would be quite effective, I think. They may be in use, but we won’t find out about it until the memoirs are written.

    I read War of the Shadows as a young man. Knew nothing of the Mau-Mau until then.

    I have read some Dalrymple. Depressing as hell.