Spinning Gustav

Does God vote?

How well the strategic communications challenge of tomorrow’s land fall is met will decide the election, which will decide who wins the Iraqi and Afghan Campaigns of the Global War On Terror .

The Bush Administration must prove competence.  The American people don’t seem to believe in federalism during hurricane season.  Haitian-style mayors and banana republic-style governors will not be held accountable by the Main Stream Media for their failures.  Everything bad that happens will be Bush’s fault, and all possible ways of tarring McCain with that brush will be tried.  Katrina had seriously adverse strategic impact on the war.  Gustav could have the same, or worse, IF this hurricane isn’t spun better than Katrina was.  Much depends upon Governor Jindal.

McCain-Palin must prove empathy.  Some commenter on a blog I can’t remember the name of right now Charles at The Belmont Club had the idea of turning the Republican National Convention into a disaster relief telethon.  That is exactly the kind of maverick, unself-absorbed  rejection of stereotypical Republican cliches needed.  I hope McCain wraps up the pageantry with a minimum of butt-kissing and mobilizes the delegates for disaster relief efforts, all the while working the phones to persuade, influence and change events on the Gulf Coast.  This is an opportunity to test self-reliance coupled with volunteerism, charity, and non-governmental solutions.  I hope Sarah Palin doesn’t even show up in St. Paul.  Better she appear on a big screen, live from Ground Zero in Plaquemines Parish, in her polo shirt and cargo pants, wet and muddy from doing something besides talking.

Obama-Biden must tie any Bush Administration or Jindal Administration disaster relief goat screws to McCain, with the implication being that if the election had been held by now and they had won, the seas would have fallen and the globe would have cooled and hurricanes wouldn’t come any more.  Their biggest challenge will be in muting the unseemly triumphalism and schadenfreude of their overjoyed minions gleefully reveling in the Republican’s weather troubles.  They will call for blaming, victimhood, and sitting on your ass waiting for the government to distribute cheese.  Obama will be in Chocolate City castigating McCain for dynamiting the levies and finding fault with everything the Feds do.  America owes New Orleans, don’t ya know, and enough can never be done for them.

How the GOP Convention should deal with Gustav.


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