Strategic Communication Management Services

Military to select firm for ‘info ops’ initiative in Iraq

MNF-I RFP here.

counter misinformation spread by hostile parties. Stopping rumors

You know.  Stuff milblogs and civilian irregular information operators do for free.

See also Volunteer Internet Awareness Services



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2 responses to “Strategic Communication Management Services

  1. Well, let’s see, it’s only what, close to 5 1/2 years after the invasion of Iraq. I guess we should just be grateful that they are getting around to it at all. I’ve been wary of the tendency to compare this current war with WW2 because they are so different, but I can’t help note that the government then operated with a bit more of a sense of urgency, a sense of purpose than today.

  2. The political party in power in America during WWII had the cooperation of the opposition party. The opposition party’s candidate for President in 1944 even pulled his punches about responsibility for Pearl Harbor at the request of the Chief of Staff of the Army, who feared exposure of American ability to read Japanese codes.

    A government can operate with a sense of urgency and act with a sense of purpose when it is not blocked at every turn by internal oppositional elements.