What Bernard-Henry Levy Saw

And HuffPo posted it.  Not a fan of HuffPo.  Or their commenters.  But they did good.  This time. 

Excerpts of particular interest:

The Russians arrived, and in their wake, Cossack and Ossetian gangs pillaged, raped and murdered. As they did in Chechnya, they rounded up the young men and drove them away in trucks, to unknown destinations.

Almost every other car is an unmarked car jammed with militia, recognizable because of their white armbands and their headbands.Gori does not belong to the Ossetia which the Russians claim they have come to “liberate.” It is a Georgian town. And they have burned it down, pillaged it, reduced it to a ghost town. Emptied.

The engineer tape arm bands are the mark of  Russian schrecklichkeit truppen.  The Chechens are ostensibly under the nominal control of GRU.  The South Ossetians, so far as I can tell, aren’t under anybody’s control.  When they annoy the Russian Army they are dealt with, otherwise they plunder and rape with impunity.  The Cossacks appear to me to be intermixed with the South Ossetians.


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