Russian Dragons

Many links in the comments over at The Belmont Club.

Laughing_Wolf says No, It’s Not Good at All

Part of what is being done now is to show the Czech’s and others that being an ally doesn’t mean the U.S. really will defend you. If we don’t back our ally against a direct military attack here, the lesson is clearly made that the U.S. will not do anything about an attack on their territory.

Russia, Georgia wage PR battle for hearts and minds

20110107 Cyber War Case Study: Georgia 2008



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4 responses to “Russian Dragons

  1. programmer


    Thanks for the link to Wu Wei over at Belmont Club. Got your response on Belmont Club to my musings about nefarious intent or just plain good intelligence and a typical tactical response. Doesn’t matter too much now. What is going to happen is going to happen. I can’t say I would be unhappy to see Russia tied up with another Afghanistan, but that is not a kind fate to wish upon Georgia, even were they to win. I guess I’m becoming too much of a merchant instead of a warrior (not that I was ever that great a warrior). War is hard on business.

  2. I’ve been following the Belmont Club for days. The comments are excellent and offer more insight than the MSM is giving.

  3. TBC is an example of a People’s Information support Team.

    He is attracting lots of eyes and getting valuable comments from people who actually know what they’re talking about.

    The Russophiles over there seem to have given up today. Maybe they’ll be back tomorrow.

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