Domestic Cold War

Between those  generally satisfied with the imperfect America that is and those whose allegiance lies with the more perfect America that can be if only the right people are in charge.

Political Prisms

What’s going on today in our country isn’t normal politics. In normal politics honorable people will disagree, sometimes fiercely, about how best to deal with the issues that confront us – national security, border control, healthcare, education, energy, the environment, and all the rest. What’s going on today is a kind of domestic Cold War — a seemingly endless standoff, with the occasional hard skirmish — between those of us who see the US for what it really is, and those of us who are seeing the US through a prism. And remember, unlike real prisms these intellectual prisms — or, if you prefer, these political prisms — are invisible. If you’re looking at the US through a political prism, you don’t know you’re seeing through a prism and you won’t believe anyone who tries to tell you that you are.

This is why Americans who see our country and the world through a prism are impervious to facts.

Forty years of hard work by the Left have paid off. Our schools, our universities, and the mainstream media have successfully implanted political prisms into the minds of nearly half our population. That’s why so many of our elections are so close, why so many key Supreme Court cases are decided by five-to-four votes, and why we always seem to be split down the middle on whatever issue confronts us – the war, the economy, immigration, healthcare, energy, the environment, and all the rest.



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2 responses to “Domestic Cold War

  1. A. Scott Crawford

    Cannoneer #4,

    While I agree with you regarding the majority of your points I think there is an additional item that needs to be pointed out.

    Assuming for a moment that there is indeed an embedded cultural hostility towards the U.S. military and certain categories of historic American virtues that’s taken hold in a number of institutions in the U.S., including the Ivy League Universities, for example (which I believe to be the case). Even just taking the refusal on a swathe of these institutions to allow military recruiting or ROTC to operate on their campuses as a simple demonstration of hostility:

    The DoD should and could take a very VERY simple course of action that would focus it’s resources AND priorities AND funds towards more productive, long term solutions:

    It’s as simple as this: The DoD should merely STRIP ALL funding of ANY sort from ALL departments in these institutions that are hostile towards the Armed Services and/or U.S. military. Why does the DoD throw BILLIONS of research grants to Harvard and Yale and Colombia and Stanford while these institutions merely use these funds to further an ANTI-military agenda? If the DoD were to simply STOP paying these obnoxious anti-American institutions “political science” departments or the “Kennedy School” or etc. funds while the institution as a whole continued to agitate against U.S. interests, and to instead fund departments and institutions that were not embedded in the hate-America campuses of the East and West Coasts, then this system wouldn’t be perpetuated.

    How simple is this??? Don’t PAY departments at private universities that agitate and openly oppose rational and LEGAL relations with the U.S> military! If the DoD merely STOPPED throwing money at intellectuals who openly hate soldiers and everything soldiers stand for, maybe we’d actually get some cooperation and common sense policies!

    The point being, the DoD has noting to complain about while it continues to throw money at Harvard and M.I.T. knowing that these institutions are politically opposed by default to anything and everything the military stands for. The argument defending this practice: We fund “the best” and send the money “where the talent is…” is a simplistic Post Hoc ad Propter Hoc Fallacy. If the DoD threw money and grants at Georgia Tech, or University of Wyoming or the University of Michigan, rather than at the radical America hating Ivy League schools, then those schools would attract the same students without having to support all the agitators and radicals at the same time.


    A. Scott Crawford

  2. Congress controls DOD’s purse strings. If DOD attempted to punish anti-military institutions the MSM and the Democrats would destroy the careers of whoever attempted it.