Russian and Chinese Irregular Information Operators

Mercenaries Gone Wild

Cyber War waged by non-government groups is becoming more frequent. In some cases, when specific, and highly classified, data is taken, mercenary hackers are believed to be responsible (at least in some cases), and carrying out attacks paid for by a foreign government. It’s better to use mercs, as that makes a nasty diplomatic situation, not to mention retaliation, less likely. But there are lots of skilled freelancers out there, who do not hesitate to make war on their own.

I’m not smart enough to hack.  Computer Network Attack is beyond my technical expertise.  I’m more of an amateur persuader changer influencer type, mostly focused on national will, morale, and counterpropaganda.  A wannabe self-appointed Psychological Operations auxiliary trying as best I can with the time and tools available to me to do for the domestic target audience what military and other government agency psychological operations can’t, won’t, or don’t want to do. 

But I pay attention to Computer Network Operations, as much of it as I can understand.  I don’t know of any way unorganized civilian volunteers can do anything worthwhile along the lines of Electronic Warfare, Military Deception and Operations Security, but the PSYOP and CNO portions of IO most definitely have untapped amateur talent in the civilian population just waiting for somebody on the inside of our favorite Westphalian nation-state’s military/intelligence apparat to ask for help.




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