Triumph of the Shill

The Messiah’s PSYOP on the American people looks to be kicking into high gear.

Axelrod’s Fall Reifenstahl Strategy

. . . when he delivers his acceptance speech at Denver’s Invesco Field before tens of thousands of adoring, cheering fans on the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech.

At that event, the partisan nominee will be transformed into the Chosen One of the nation. He will no longer just belong to Democrats, but to all America. Some of us will watch with alarm. Others will feel their spirits lifted.   

The camera will pan the stands — old and young, white and black and brown. Families will hold up small children to see him from afar. Variable camera angles will capture his profiles, his smile, his gestures.  Michelle and the girls will thrill the crowd with a wave projected on the large stadium screen. In response, the crowd will lift a collective cheer.

Someone close to the mike will shout, “We love you, Obama.”  He will echo, “I love you back.”  The camera will focus close on one, perhaps two, with hankies held to their eyes. Tears because he has come, and they are the ones for whom they’ve waited.

The historically ignorant will fall for this because it will be new to them.

Clarice Feldman recommends they call this spectacle Democratischeparteitag der Einheit und Starke



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2 responses to “Triumph of the Shill

  1. suek

    On topic, and a link worth saving. Very long article with excellent references to the philosophies that have guided Obama’s political theory.

    Off topic, but another link worth saving. More bad news, though nothing we didn’t know before. Still, good to have it confirmed straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

  2. I wish President Bush would go to Congress and ask for a formal, old-fashioned Declaration of War against Iran. In his speech he could list all the atrocities they’ve commited against us since 1979. Get a roll call vote. He won’t get his Declaration of War, but We The People will know who to hang when the Iranian nuke goes off in New York City.