Why the Wire Service I’m Boycotting Sucks

Propaganda, Lies, and Wire Service Articles

1. Decide which side is the good guys. This can be based on your ethnic-communal background (unless you are Jewish since then you must lean over backward to prove yourself fair by supporting the other side), political ideology, or–if all else fails–whichever side is weaker. (The word “underdog” might not be PC any more so I will avoid it.)

2. Slant your article completely in favor of the “good guys” because they are after all the good guys. Writing an advocacy article for them is thus a good and moral deed. There can be no compromise with evil and since the bad guys lie all the time why even bother to listen to their arguments.

Incidentally, questions of past credibility are irrelevant. If one side can be shown to have lied repeatedly that doesn’t count. Pointing this out could get you accused of racism or imperialism, while the “good guys,” once so designated, are allowed to lie because they are pursuing a “good cause.” Governments are held to lie always, especially if they are democratic ones.

And be sure to employ as many local stringers with close ties to the “freedom fighter’s” media apparat as you can.  Makes for prize-winning fauxtography.


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