American Protective League

The Web:  A Revelation of Patriotism by Emerson Hough

“A. P. L” means the American Protective League. It means a silent, unknown army of more than a quarter million of the most loyal and intelligent citizens of America who did indeed spring to arms over night. It fought battles, saved lives, saved cities, saved treasures, defended the flag, apprehended countless traitors, did its own tremendous share in the winning of the war. It saved America. It did protect. It was a league.


It did all this without a cent of pay. It had no actual identification with the Government. Yet it has won scores of times the written and spoken thanks of our most responsible Government officials. Its aid in the winning of the war cannot be estimated and will never be known. Not even its full romance ever can be written. May these hurrying pages save all these things at least in part, though done in the full consciousness that their tribute can be but a fragment of the total due. 

The American Protective League was the largest company of detectives the world ever saw. The members served without earlier specilialized training, without pay, without glory. That band of citizens, called together overnight, rose, grew and gathered strength until able to meet, and absolutely to defeat, the vast and highly trained army of the German espionage system, which in every country of the globe flooded the land with trained spies who had made a life business out of spying. It met that German Army as ours met it at Chateau-Thierry, and in the Argonne, and on the Vesle and on the Aisne. Like to our Army under arms — that Army where any of us would have preferrd to serve had it been possible for us to serve under arms — it never gave back an inch of ground. Growing stronger and better equipped each day, it worked always onward and forward until the last fight was won.     



Times have changed. Societal evolution marches on. The A. P. L. persecuted some of my Swiss ancestors because of their Schweitzerdeutsch names, tarring all Dutchmen with the same brush. I am not oblivious to their excesses. Still, they did combat underminers, slackers and saboteurs, and hounded the forerunners of today’s Left, the Wobblies, (p. 133) into jail. That’s why you haven’t heard much good about the A. P. L.
Piss off a Lefty, and learn things they would rather you didn’t know.


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6 responses to “American Protective League

  1. Sounds like Saudi restrictive measures. Those two bloggers were on to something.

    Sic the Jawas on ’em, suek.

  2. suek

    Ummm…how do I go about doing that?

  3. Already done.

    Rusty gave me credit for it. Credit is yours.

  4. suek

    Don’t care about the credit…we need the internet. I have no doubt that the Dems will continue to work on the Fairness Doctrine. If Obama wins, it’s a done deal. I don’t think the Repubs can stop it, and it looks like the SC is too liberal to stop it. The MSM is obviously in the Libs pocket, the Dems want to push forward on the Hate speech thing, and we’ve seen what that leads to in Canada, and what’s left? If they manage to shut down the blogs, maybe email lists? We live in a big country…how do you connect with those who want to make change happen? How do you counter the propaganda when you can’t get the word out?

    When I think about America, I realize that part of its greatness is due to the fact that we started with a blank slate, pretty much. If we have to start again, we’ll first have to tear down what has been built up to prevent the freedoms we started with. That isn’t going to be easy. There’ll be resistance – no doubt. Unless there’s economic disaster and everybody is dumped off the government’s teat…that is the biggest decider right there. We _know_ that freedom from taxes and too many regulations etc is what made the country great – but too many are dependent on the Government for this or that – and they’re unlikely to let go of that support unless it isn’t there any more. They’re addicted. They’ll have to go cold turkey before we get to start again from the bottom up. I don’t think it’ll happen in my lifetime…but there needs to be some linkage so those who have the ideals can connect – somehow.

  5. suek

    Actually, at this point, the situation in Canada is inocuous…_this_ is what happens when the “no hate-speech, multiculturalism” gets a solid grip: