President Bush tolerated disloyalty and paid the price

Bing West reviews Feith.

First, poisonous leaks by senior CIA and State officials corroded trust inside the administration and damaged its public image. Feith cites leak after leak aimed at undercutting him personally, the Defense Department in general and the neoconservative political philosophy. The Bush administration was systematically undercut and trashed by its own senior officials. President Bush, who bragged he did not read newspapers, and his NSC adviser, Condoleeza Rice, tolerated disloyalty and paid the price in plummeting public approval and increasing political opposition.

If McCain gets in, will he purge the disloyal?
You can bet your ass Obama will. Former Regime Loyalists better not drop any soap.

Facts rarely change ideological attitudes. The leakers effectively appealed to the liberal instincts of many journalists to shape narratives around presumptive political philosophies. Once Feith, Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld were branded with the scarlet word ‘neocon’, then the substance of their positions – and the credibility of the leaks degrading them – became secondary.

Neocon, chickenhawk, BDS — all part of the fish rots from the head meme for Non-kinetic Decapitation, character assassination, undermining the chain of command and denying legitimacy.

CIA and State officials, disagreeing with Bush’s policies, leaked false stories impugning so-called neocons in order to enlist the press. Journalists who pride themselves on healthy skepticism should read this book to understand how they can be played.

“Journalists” are played less often than they willingly and knowingly participate.

“I now see more clearly,” Feith wrote, “the intense animus behind the systematic leaking and “backgrounding” that undermined President Bush and others who supported him. Our failure – as targets – to heed the attack, to protest it, and to fight back, was a form of unilateral disarmament that did not serve the interests of the President, the country, or truth.”

What goes around comes around. Payback is a Mike Foxtrot and karma is a Bravo.


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8 responses to “President Bush tolerated disloyalty and paid the price

  1. suek

    “Shadow Warriors” by Kenneth Timmerman.

    It’ll make your blood boil….

  2. OODA cycle is proven yet again.

  3. andrewdb

    It continues to amaze me that State and CIA reform are not higher priorities – I don’t know what should be done, perhaps more seconding of DoD personnel to fill billets over there? I suspect the promotion and hiring policies are what really need to be reformed, however.

  4. Who would benefit from State & IC reform? Too late, now.

    State is always going to be irredeemable, because State has no real domestic constituency other than Transnational Progressivists. Diplomats talk, and talk, and flap their jaws at foreigners, even foreigners that need killing and the more oxygen they waste and the more Bad Guys they keep us from whacking the better they feel about themselves.

    The IC in a just world would be held to the same standard of non-partisanship as the military.

  5. Grimmy

    I tend to differ in the assignment of guilt in this matter.

    In my view, it belongs fully, completely and totally upon us, the citizens.

    We sat on our hands and allowed those who appointed themselves as our “betters” to throw away all the rules and time tested customs of our culture in dealing with traitors and betrayers.

    We failed to pay attention. We continue to fail to man up and demand satisfaction.

  6. So how would you punish “us” for these failures?

    Nobody is going to open their robe and slit their belly over it. There are people who should, but they don’t have the honor to do that and “we” don’t have the moral authority to demand it of them.

  7. Grimmy

    The proper, first step, in my opinion, is to start pushing hard for the laws, customs and traditions concerning the treatment of those who adhere to the enemy during a time of war be put into full force by those who’s task it is to do this.

    If that fails, then each individual will have to search his/her own soul and decide if they are going to stand up for what’s proper, or lay down fro what’s popular.

    But, before we get anything done, we have to recognize our own part is this failure and give full and sober thought to what lies at the end of this road, whether the decision to act or submit.

  8. Grimmy

    Pardon my weaseling here. I just got back from my monthly junk food…errmm.. I mean shopping run, and I would rather put off getting arrested for openly advocating … you know… until after I’ve finished the ice cream.