Taliban – MSM Collaboration

phil found this before I did.

“The Taliban have not been very advanced as far as the media war is concerned. But we are making efforts to catch up with the latest methods, and we will soon be available on YouTube,” a non-Pashtun and non-combatant member of the Taliban’s media cell told Daily Times, his face covered up to evade the identifying gaze of invited lenses.

Nice of the Daily Times to bestow noncombatant status on this Taliban information operator. No doubt when the Predator launches a Hellfire on his propagandizing ass there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Go over to Amicable Collisions and read it all.


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  1. suek

    I don’t know if you collect links, but this one might be one to store somewhere. It’s not exactly relevant to your mission, but not irrelevant either. Our problems are not yet at the level of Europe’s and Great Britain’s. Allies are good wherever they are.