Those Who CAN Must Speak Out For Those Who Can’t

The pitifully small percentage of Americans mentally, morally and physically fit enough to meet the high standards required to defend the other 295 million of us, have, along with writing a blank check to the Constitution of the United States payable, if necessary, with their lives, forfeited their First Amendment right to express contempt, disgust, disdain, or any other powerful negative emotions towards Senators or Member of the House of Representatives. No matter how contemptible, despicable, treasonous or deserving of eternal damnation their political masters may be, our Defenders, in the interest of good order and discipline, and in accordance with the requirements of Article 88 of the UCMJ, must remain silent in the face of even the most egregious provocation.

The War of Ideas and the Cold Civil War cannot be fought by serving officers, nor should they be. Domestic enemies are beyond the reach of our military and law enforcement organizations, because powerful elements within our own government share the ideology of those domestic enemies, profit from the damage they do, and protect them from the justice they deserve.

Many of our own law makers are objectively pro-Islamofascist. They hysterically deny this, and it is an unwelcome and unpalatable truth many find easier to block out than to follow this line of questioning to its logical conclusion. It is through our own inattention, ignorance and apathy, and that of our neighbors, that such ambulatory coprolites are perpetually re-elected to positions of power over men and women of integrity whose devotion to duty
precludes them from defending their own honor. In a just world this would shame those of us who are still capable of that emotion, and fill us with a terrible resolve to prove ourselves worthy of the sacrifices made for us and redeem ourselves for our silence in the face of such cowardly bullying of those duty-bound not to defend themselves by punishing the bullies.


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  1. suek

    Found this today. It sure made me wonder where Saudi money is being paid out in the US. And how you’d find out…